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Abigail And Barbara Essay

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Abigail Adams and Barbara Bush Throughout history, there have been many monumental first ladies; two of which are Abigail Adams and Barbara Bush. These two women have influenced people of all ages during the time they were involved in the presidency. Although they are from two different time periods, the impact they left on Americans is the same. They have many similarities, not only politically but also in their everyday lives. Abigail Smith Adams was born on November 11, 1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. She was the second child of Reverend and Elizabeth Smith. On her mother's side she was descended from the 17th-century Puritan preacher Thomas Shepard of Cambridge-a family of great prestige in the colony; her father and other forebears were Congregational ministers, leaders in a society that held its clergy in high esteem. Although she lacked a formal education, she read avidly the books at hand, including the Bible, history, and sermons, among other things. Through her love of reading, she established a relationship with young John Adams. She married him in 1764 at the age of 19. (UMKC online) She became the second first lady in 1797 and she and her husband were the first couple to reside in the White House. In 1801, she and John retired to their home in Braintree, (now Quincy) Massachusetts. Abigail died in 1818, and is buried beside her husband in United First Parish Church. (whitehouse online) Barbara Pierce Bush was born to Pauline and Marvin Pierce in Rye, New York on June 8, 1925. She attended a boarding school at Ashley Hall in South Carolina, where she met George Bush, a senior at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, at a dance during Christmas vacation when she was 16 years old. They became engaged just a year and a half later, just before he went off to war. After George returned on leave from the war, he and Barbara were married on January 6, 1945. They then went to Texas to start a family. Barbara became the 41st first lady in 1989. Today Barbara and George live in a home they built in Houston, Texas. (whitehouse online) Abigail Smith Adams was the mother of five children, Abigail Amelia Adams, John Quincy Adams, Susanna Adams, Charles Adams, and Thomas Boylston Adams. John Quincy Adams became the sixth President of the United States in 1825. (Sarri p.143) Barbara Bush is the mother of two daughters: Robin, who died in 1953 while fighting a battle with Leukemia, and Dorothy, and four sons, George Walker Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, and Marvin Bush. Her firstborn, George W. Bush, became the 43rd President of the United States. (whitehouse online) Both of these women gave birth to sons who would later become president, just as their fathers had. Both women also felt that family was a very important part of life.Both women recorded important events in their life in order to educate people of the issues they feel are important. Abigail Adams wrote hundreds of letters in an excellent style that...

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