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Abigail Williams In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Abigail Williams is the troubled niece of Reverend Parris of Salem.
She is an orphan; made so by brutal natives who killed her parents
before her very eyes. The witch-hunt begins when Abigail is at the age
of seventeen. She has a large role in this novel, especially on these
dark events and also her relationship with John Proctor.

In my opinion from what I have understood from the text she is a
tempestuous character. She is initially perceived as being wild bright
and proud. Her character then develops a macabre quality that becomes
a precocious influence over everybody in the village of Salem. She
abuses this 'ability' to turn things to her advantage and others
demise. She develops a frosty insensitive demeanor, which seems to be
her permanence but occasionally she shows different emotions in
moments of intense passion and fear. This suggests confusion, perhaps
misguidance due to the absence of her parents. Projections of these
emotions are generally acerbic, though she is often deceptive in her
manner, feigning the necessary feeling to gain what she desires, which
is most obviously in the play, John Proctor. In my opinion
understanding Abigail's

Motives and drives is quite difficult, it is hard to see why she is
doing a certain thing when you consider the many different aspects of
her character. You may see a girl who after violent trauma has emerged
psychologically damaged. Others may detect an evil trait in Abigail.
Hardened by the traumatic death of her parents she has become
vengeful, throughout the play she seems to passionately resent doubt
with Parris' questioning in Act1. Always maintaining that she is a
proper and decent girl. She's expectant of unbounded tolerance and
sympathy in compensation for her trouble. This is fair; as you can
empathise with this. However when others fail to conform to her
expectation she tends to wreak havoc, notably when she attempts to
drink blood in order to win Proctor's heart. In my personal opinion
Abigail's lustful desire for John Proctor is the root cause for the
hysteria in Salem, her evil intent when Proctor refuses to renew the
relationship is the cause for all this death and fear.

Abigail seduced Proctor whilst working for him and Elizabeth as a
maid. As the relationship developed Elizabeth suspected something
unusual and ended it by evicting Abigail. This was Abigail's first
experience of adult life and of womanhood. For that to be taken away
from her so suddenly and then to be thrust into the backseat of youth
must hurt very much. I believe that Abigail's extreme reaction is
caused not by the deprivation of a kind of adult hood but by a
deprivation of her power. Hungry for control she managed to exceed her
standard of intimidating her peers and brought Proctor to his knees,
gasping for her. Abigail is unable to see that she is only helping to
satisfy a lustful mans appetite, she thinks that John holds some
intimate feelings towards her. This...

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