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Skills Of A Primary Health Care Manager

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SUMMARY:As governments attempt to focus more intently on how to deal with alarming measures of health disadvantage and inequities, a reformist gaze seems to have settled on the primary care sector. Simultaneously, in literature about this area, whether intended or not, primary health care and primary care's managements, are increasingly interchanged which yield mess while implementing PHC through primary care. Primary health care and health promotion seek far-reaching solutions to problems that defy biological, genetic or biochemical solutions, problems that demand new thinking, innovative approaches and values, one of which is implementation and management. This paper argues that management of primary health care has its own peculiarities for its real and optimal implementation, it is therefore understandable that managers of PHC need skills that are not only different form conventional managerial tasks but capable of generating the transformative potential of strategies and approaches of PHC. This is important to realise that implementing PHC ensures the fundamental changes necessary to improve health status and only skilled PHC mangers can do this in the most effective way because the structures and services of health care sector are not necessarily compatible with notions of primary health care management. Management of PHC services is a challenge due to various structural and functional factors. In most countries, management system is basically bureaucratic, centralized, and hierarchical. This paper explores the managerial skills that can accelerate the current organizational system and management process of PHC. Specifically it discusses the critical skills to maintain structure, culture, and process of management of PHC in an organization. In this context few managerial skills are described that are based on the PHC principles, drawing support from the relevant literature. To approach this paper, the author try to triangulates the theory, skills and practices in the context of PHC management.1.0-INTRODUCTION:The term primary health care (PHC) is commonly interchanged with primary care (Wass, 2000; Swerissen 2000) as if their philosophies and practices were the same. Similarly, the term health promotion is often substituted for health education especially in the general practice environment. Primary health care is both a philosophy and a system response to reducing health inequities and ameliorating the effects of disadvantage but primary care reforms seem to have little to do with the increase in concern about health inequities (Ham 2000) as primary care is drawn from the biomedical model, practised widely in nursing and allied health but general practice is the heart of the primary care sector. It aims to target individuals regarding disease prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. There is not much to address the socio-environmental and behavioural factors that underpin disease proliferation while practicing in a vertically designed...

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