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Capacity Management Essay

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Europenews gain of US$8.4 million (6 million euros).
Cargolux expanded its fleet with three new Boeing 747-8Fs and retained, on a power-by-the- hour basis, a Boeing 747-400F that was initially planned to exit the fleet during 2013. It also added a Boeing 747-400ERF on the same basis, which brought the fleet to 20 aircraft at the end of the year.
With a bigger fleet and more operational activity than planned, Cargolux recorded an average
Cargolux hopes to expaTid its global network.
daily aircraft utilization of 14:57 hours. The company's market share
reached 3.5 percent. "We don't expect market con-
ditions to improve significantly in 2014," Cargolux president and CEO Dirk Reich said. "Our priori- ty is to grow and expand our glob- al network with the continued support and valuable contribution of our hard-working employees while focusing on efficiency and performance improvements. I am also confident in our ability to reap the nrst tangible rewards
from the cooperation with our new shareholder, HNCA." ACW
Heathrow plans to double cargo capacity
H eathrow announced on May13 an updated plan to ex-pand the airport, including doubling cargo capacity to improve UK export competitiveness.
Heathrow already moves 65 per- cent of the UK's 400 billion pound (US$673.4 billion) freight exports.
The plan is meant to create more than 100,000 new jobs and at least 100 billion pounds (US$168.3 billion) of UK economic benefits.
Heathrow's revised expansion plans will be reviewed by the Air- ports Commission.
"Expansion at Heathrow matters to the whole country. Only Heath- row will connect all of the UK to fast-growing international markets. The plans we are submitting to the Airports Commission demonstrate major economic benefits from a third...

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