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Megan Ballantyne
Megan Ballantyne
We all have an Equal Opportunity to be an Entrepreneur A critical thinking paper
Megan Ballantyne
We all have an Equal Opportunity to be an Entrepreneur
A critical thinking paper
Executive Summary
Becoming an Entrepreneur is a difficult task, having the confidence, drive and ambition is only a starting point for today’s young people. It must be combined with other attributes which sometimes can be out with a person’s control. This paper has dissected if there is an equal opportunity for everyone in the UK to become an entrepreneur. There are contributing factors from both sides, while there is support in Scotland for anyone to gain the education and funding should they meet requirements. The government offers services such as the Princes Trust to give guidance and support for entrepreneurs. There are still twentieth century attitudes towards women in the workplace and the trust that formal officials will have in them, also the mind set between a man and women can be different, in the paper research will show the different attitudes taken by each gender in the past time of where to borrow money from. Statistically men and women will have different values and views on who to approach. The gap in poverty and deprivation in the UK shines through especially in central Scotland to show the gaps in fairness for entrepreneurs.
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“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” -- Ken Robinson
The most common characteristic in modern day entrepreneurs is commitment (Moore, 1986.) As Ken Robinson quoted above also in terms of picking oneself up when failure develops, it is clear that along with this characteristic determination and drive also are interlinked qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur. The recent effects of Brexit upon the UK economy could have detrimental consequences for big businesses and their will to invest in entrepreneurs. Following this is also the gender gap in modern day business which despite us being in the 21st century still lingers behind us. The question arises from this ‘Do we all have an equal opportunity?’ This paper will critically evaluate the argument on both sides of the spectrum to develop an understanding as to if everyone has an equal opportunity. An investigative piece that will incorporate a great deal of reading into both sides of the argument, this paper will rely on credible sources such as academic journals and extended reading. Although this is a debate I will disclose my final thoughts on the argument as comments however I will remain unbiased and base this purely on the information I have at hand. This is a current topic which can affect all young entrepreneurs and their chances of survival in modern day business.
On the turn of the century, the final abolishment of tuition fees in Scotland were finalized in...

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