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Abolish The Bowl Championship Series Essay

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November 17, 2009AbstractDivision I football is the only college sport that does not have a playoff system to determine its national champion. Instead, they utilize the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) to pair the top two teams in one national championship game, with the winner crowned the national champion. The BCS has been widely debated since its inception and continues to be the topic of heated arguments every year in the media, the workplace, and among friends. Only on rare occasions has the BCS produced a national champion while leaving most seasons in controversy. Information presented enforces why a college play-off system is the best way to declare a true national champion.Bowl games have been a proud tradition of college football for many years and each bowl has affiliations with certain football conferences. With the exception of the Rose Bowl, which traditionally matches the Big Ten champion and the Pacific-10 (PAC-10) champion, bowl-conference affiliations historically have not showcased contests between two conference champions. Rather, they served as the reward for one conference champion versus a worthy opponent from another conference (Fox Sports, 2009).In 1992, the commissioners of several conferences, representatives from Notre Dame, and four bowl committees created the Bowl Coalition agreement. The agreement attempted to match up the top two teams in a national championship game, and to provide quality bowl match-ups for the champions of its member conferences. In the previous 57 years of post-season bowls, the top two teams had met only nine times. The Bowl Coalition existed for 3 years from 1992 to 1994, and was quite successful at pairing the top two teams in 2 of its 3 years of existence; however, there were limitations. For example, the champions of the Big Eight would never be able to play the champions of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in any bowl game because of their affiliation with certain bowls. Additionally, because the PAC-10 and Big Ten retained their affiliation with the Rose Bowl, they did not participate in the Bowl Coalition, preventing them from ever playing the champion of another conference (Fox Sports, 2009).In 1995, the bowl relationships were modified to retain the historic bowl venues while increasing the chances of matching the top two teams in the country. This system, the new Bowl Alliance, allowed the champions of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big East, Big Eight, SEC, and Southwest Conferences along with an at-large team to be matched in the three Alliance bowls – Fiesta, Sugar, and Orange, with the championship game rotating each year among the three. A second at-large team was added during the 1996 season when the Big Eight and Southwest Conferences merged to create the Big 12 conference. The Bowl Alliance improved the opportunity to produce a national championship game by eliminating automatic conference champion tie-ins to the three aforementioned bowl games, giving them the...

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