Abolishing Federalism? Essay

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When the United States became an independent county, they needed a system where many things could be done in a short amount of time. For quite some time, the Founding Fathers, and those who have followed in their footsteps, have experimented numerous strategies in order to discover which systems would be suitable as in terms of getting priorities accomplished quickly and would last the longest. Out of all things they have initiated, one system that worked was a federal system or “Federalism.”
According to a definition provided by Professor McDaniel, a Silver Spoon winner and government professor of The University of Texas at Austin, federalism is a “governing system in which power is dispersed across several levels” (McDaniel, 01/27/2014). It is where multiple parties in America, the U.S. and State Government, to work in their separate fields that they are responsible for in order for the nation to run smoothly. But sometimes they work together in order to accomplish greater things. One of the earliest federal systems we initiated dates back to almost two centuries, and it is still standing strong though it was changed along the way.
Abolishing this cooperative federal system would not bring benefits and required changes. To this day, the federal system still takes care of the modern problems that occur in both the people and the nations because of both governments were working together. However, if we abolish this system and facilitate to a more separate response, like the nation did in the past, it would increase the rate of problems with each other in the two governments. Having a cooperative federal system under United States would bring more unified efforts from the national and state government, bring benefits, and predict what kind of benefit we can gain from using cooperative meausres.
According to the The American Political System by Ken Kollman, cooperative federalism is where both national and state governments are working together by sharing powers to solve problems (Kollman 2014, 73). Although the American political system is a foundation of both dual and cooperative federal system, as the national government grown stronger over time, it became more cooperative federalism, due to state government vigorously responding to the power shift. This also transitions to intergovernmentalism (Kollman 2014, 73), where both governments share multiple resources together in the same...

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