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George Santayana puts it nicely in the above quote when he states, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. Taking this into consideration we take a look at the United States Congress which is divided into several parties, such as Republican, Democrat, and Independent being the main ones. With the enmity between these parties, Democrat and Republican being the worse, our nation is slowly beginning to decay. It is a chain reaction that builds and climbs each time these parties have disagreeing ideas and try to change what the other has done previously. We as a country need to stand together and erase this distance that we hold between each other. Our Political system is our backbone so we need to buckle down and start working together, learn from our past mistakes. In his article, “Elston He on Abolishing Political Parties” Elston He gives his opinion about political parties, “Political parties were created to express common views, to propose a common platform, and to unify members of American political society so that action could be taken. Today, however, political parties are simply used as perfunctory labels and to categorize people as this or that”. This is a good statement to show just how divided America has become. We as a country should abolish all political parties and run as a whole instead of separately as enemies because, together we are stronger then we are apart, government formation should be built upon honesty and integrity not lies, and political parties will only lead to disaster.
Every time the election polls come around our country appears to be in a small war against its self. Minds are split and people begin to discriminate against each other over small technicalities that we should be solving not fighting about. The effectiveness of political parties is obsolete and needs to be outlawed. As shocking and harsh this may sound, doing so will be in our countries best interest, after all we are stronger together than we are apart. Americans can easily see the lack in equality of the parties. Tension is also built among each of them, this is due mostly to the fact that political parties like to play dirty by, publicly humiliating each other and bad mouthing the opposing side. This leads to parties being chosen not for their good leading skills, but more for their ability to make themselves look better than the other guy.
An example of this would be like back in 1988, George H.W. Bush told the U.S. people that he would not raise taxes, and after he had won his election, he signed the largest tax increase in America’s history. Things like that are inevitable and should not be made into promises that can’t be met or kept for that matter. Instead our politicians need to be up front with us, the truth. A government’s foundation should not be built on lies, how well leaders can sell themselves, or who can come up with the fanciest words, but rather built upon the honesty and integrity of the...

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