Abolishing The Death Penalty In The United States

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Abolishing the Death Penalty in the United State
According to the American English dictionary, death Penalty is the means by which convicted criminals are executed in accordance with the legal jurisprudence of the United States. Death Penalty is also referred to as “Capital Crime”(Capital punishment). Capital crimes are crimes such as “murder, rape, robbery, theft, mutiny, and treason” (Capital Punishment). People also use the term “Death Penalty” to refer to capital punishment (Capital Punishment). According to Kenneth Jost, a Supreme Court editor for CQ press and associate editor for CQ Research, “death penalty has been practiced in The United States since colonial times and has been a contentious issue for almost as long”(Kenneth) . He also stated that “the efforts to narrow or abolished it date from the revolutionary era and came to be reserved in many states merely for murder and it was abolished altogether in some states over time” (Kenneth). Moreover, the support for abolishing death penalty “helped an unofficial moratorium in the 1960s, followed by the Supreme Court’s controversial decision in 1972 invalidating all existing death sentences” (Kenneth). Four years later, however the “court upheld or rewritten death penalty laws, allowing states to resume executions even as debates and legal challenges over the practice continued” (Kenneth). My refutation as to why Death Penalty should be abolished in The United States is based on following reasons - it does not deter crime, it is expensive, and it sometimes involves innocent killing.
First of all, I believe death penalty should be abolished in The United Stat because it costs far more money to execute someone than to keep him or her in prison for life (Death Penalty). Professor Streib of the Ohio Northern University stated that death penalty is “Certainly a waste of money” because the State could save a whopping amount of $11.5 million by substituting life without parole as the maximum punishment for capital crime and use it on more effective violence programs and other services that would actually make our society a safer and a better place, such as child abuse prevention programmed education mental care, drug and alcohol treatments, and service for victims of crime (Date Penalty). In addition, the California commission also estimated that the death penalty adds fifty one million dollars annually to the cost of appeals and federal habeas corpus proceedings (Death Penalty). Most of the added spending recommended by the commission is about eighty five million for additional lawyers to speed up appeals and post –conviction challenges (Death Penalty). Moreover, they estimated that housing inmates on death row also costs ninety thousand dollars more per inmate per year than imprisonment in a maximum security. The total costs according to the commission are approximately sixty three million per year. (Death Penalty).

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