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Abolitionists Movement Essay

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“Abolitionists Movement”
It may appear that in today’s America, slavery is looked down upon, and we’ve developed a long way from the past. However, before and during the Abolitionists Movement there were strong arguments for both sides of the subject. ("Arguments and Justifications: The Abolition of Slavery Project.") The gradual dominance in anti-slavery would not have been possible if people had not risked their lives and social standings to fight for the racial, social, legal, and political liberation for slaves. William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, and the Grimke sisters are all prime examples of people who challenged pro-slavery, and protested the idea that one race was superior to another. Although abolitionists fought for their beliefs during this movement in the 1830s up to the year 1870 for the immediate emancipation of slaves, the ending of racial prejudice and segregation would not be possible if not by the influence of those courageous people, and should continue to be reinforced in today’s society. ("Civil Rights Movement.")
William Lloyd Garrison was one of the most radical social reformers during his time, and was the publisher of The Liberator which a newspaper that highlighted the Abolitionists’ Movement’s cause. He advocated the immediate and complete emancipation of all slaves although it was an unpopular view amongst people, even to those residing in the North who were against slavery.Garrison managed to remain passive, the amount of violence from those who did not agree with him. He obtained numerous death threats, and the State of Georgia’s government even offered a reward of $5,000 for his arrest. Despite of this, he continued in getting his views across, and burned a copy of the Constitution on July 4th, 1854 because of the compromise that had been written about slavery in it. Garrison’s persistence was a key factor in getting his message across and fueling the effort to end slavery. ("William Lloyd Garrison Headed the Abolitionist Movement to Free slaves.")
Frederick Douglass, being a slave himself, managed to escape, and wanted to further promote freedom for all slaves. He was known to be a great public speaker which was important in influencing people to help reach his goals for society which included “abolishing in all it’s forms and aspects promote the moral and intellectual improvement of the colored people, and hasten the day of freedom…” Much like William Lloyd Garrison, he too, published a newspaper called The North Star in Rochester, NY which was named after how slaves who escaped by following the North Star in the sky to guide them to their freedom. ("Frederick Douglass--Abolitionist Leader.") His opinion differed from Garrison, however, as he believed that the Constitution could be interpreted as anti-slavery. ("William Lloyd Garrison Headed the Abolitionist Movement to Free slaves.") From a newspaper that dated back to September 27, 1856 that had an illustration of Douglass with the caption,...

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