The Stand Aganist Abortion Essay

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Believe it or not, numerous amount of people in the world supports abortion. Abortion, I believe, is another type of murder, cruelly terminating a human’s pregnancy. My question is, how is it ever acceptable to kill someone who didn’t get the chance to live the life and take the advantages that they could’ve had? Taking that right away from someone, even a baby, is violating the human rights. In the essay below, I’d love to debate on why I believe sincerely that abortion shouldn’t be allowed for any reason.

“I didn’t know this was happening.” is the most common response by the people who hear about the One Child Policy in China. “A girl is a burden to the family.” is a common Hindu saying. In these two particular place in the world, China and India, people don’t value girls and often think that killing unborn baby girls benefit the family. Around 1,500 babies are aborted each hour in China. This ridiculous action should be immediately straightened out.

Bountiful amount of people simply think of the One Child Policy as China’s law to keep the population in control. Yes, it is the China’s policy that’s made to keep the population in control, but not only that, the Chinese government has forced many unwanted abortions as well as sterilizations.The forced abortions not only cause depression to the parents but also cause social problems in the country as well. There are 38 million more guys than girls. Child trafficking is now playing a tremendous role in the sense of crime as well. In addition to the pressure from the government, Chinese traditionally believe that guys play a bigger role in the society and therefore many families desire their child to be a boy. This tradition obviously causes abortion when the family finds out that they’re going to give birth to a baby girl.

“It’s a girl.” is the three most deadly word in India. India, unlike China, doesn’t have the One Child Policy. Although they don’t have the policy, boys are much valued than girls. The primary reason in because of the dowry system. Dowry system in India is basically when a couple gets married, the girl’s family have to pay a lot of money or dowry to the guy’s family. Moreover, the girl will become a part of the guy’s family. Now, the question is, why doesn’t the government take action? The government did take an action. In fact, the dowry system has been...

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