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Abortion is wrong and it should not be allowed for another one to happen. There are two points to be made, one is that the unborn child is in fact, a life, thus should not be aborted at any time during the pregnancy, and that there are indeed some good alternatives to abortion, so it does not have to happen if a mother feels she can not take care of her child.
First, an unborn child is still a life and deserves to be allowed to live their life they would get without the abortion. When an abortion happens, a life is took that could otherwise be used to do great things. The child who gets aborted could be the one to find the cure for a disease and save millions of people. Some people try to claim a certain point that the unborn child is alive but the child is alive from conception. The book Fetal Rights supports this idea in stating “that would be like saying the benchmark of life for the presence of wings and antennae and then, after examining the caterpillar, pronouncing that, because it has neither wings nor antennae, that it is neither living nor a butterfly.” (Alan), showing that the idea of a certain characteristic of an unborn child deciding whether it is alive or not is false, but rather the life is a life from conception, the same way that the larvae is. Also, according to the prochoice website published be the National Abortion Federation, “Most abortions (88%) are obtained in the first trimester of pregnancy.” (Dudley), showing just how many of the abortions are performed in the first trimester, which is normally the time that it is normally considered acceptable to get an abortion. However, this is not an acceptable time nor is any because according to the Mayo Clinic, some things developed in the first trimester are the brain, spinal cord, heart, blood pumping in week 6, facial features, eyes, and toes. (Fetal Development: The First Trimester), showing that the infant is already alive and growing. This shows that the unborn child is already alive when it is considered acceptable to abort the child.
The other point to be made is...

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