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Abortion Essay

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Tran6Nhi TranCourse Essay AssignmentPhilosophy 108Summer 2013Utilitarianism and Kantian AnalysisEthics or morality is a system of principles helping us identify what is right and wrong, good and bad. When a decision is made, the question usually asked is, "Is it the right decision?" As human beings, people have been struggling with the idea of morality of their actions for thousands of years, and this has resulted in a great number of belief systems concerning their nature of actions. In the system of utilitarianism, an action causing the greatest happiness is the morally right action. In the system of Kantian, an opposite system of utilitarianism, the only ethical action is the one done completely because of responsibility. Even though supporters of abortion, the termination of pregnancy, may have the best purposes, the practice of using contraceptive devices cannot be ethically justified from either a utilitarian or Kantian viewpoint.Utilitarianism was conceived in the nineteenth century by Jeremy Bentham and a generation after him, John Stuart Mill, to help lawmakers determine which principles were morally better. Both Bentham and Mill stated that ethical actions are those that provides the greatest balance of pleasure over pain for the reason that humanity like pleasures and dislike pains. The connection between abortion and utilitarianism emerges as abortion gives both pleasures and pains to people who are involved in it. A woman chooses to have an abortion, for she is not ready to accept the consequences of her pregnancy, whether it involves single motherhood, the disclosure of her sexual activity, or anger of her boyfriend or her parents. If abortion causes more good consequences than bad consequences, utilitarian will agree with abortion; otherwise, utilitarian will have to reject abortion.There are several good consequences that abortion leads to if a woman choose to have an abortion. First, abortion saves an adult's life and future. For example, if the woman's health is in jeopardy during her pregnancy, she and her husband can choose abortion to save her life. By having abortion, the woman loses her child, which causes a lot of miseries to her, but her life is saved. As time passes, due to dedicated cares of her beloved, her sadness will disappear, and she will be healthy enough to have another child; in addition, some women become mentally or emotionally ill after having pregnancy as a consequence of changes in her body and her hormones, so sometimes killing the fetus is acceptable. Next, abortion reduces suffering for both fetuses and mothers. In certain cases, doctors and parents had no choices but kill some fetuses who have significant health issues or disabilities that may not be overcome to avoid a lifetime of suffering for those poor, innocent children. Finally, abortion provides a second chance for teenage mothers if they made terrible mistakes and for women who were pregnant on account of being raped. A teenage girl who makes...

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Abortion Essay

964 words - 4 pages In a survey done in September 2005 in Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 73% of respondents said that they couldn’t afford a child and 38% said that having a child would get in the way of their education and career goals ( Abortion). Advocates against abortion feel it’s wrong because they are against it morally and ethically. The killing of an unborn life is still murder. They feel a life is considered a life upon

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528 words - 2 pages Abortion      According to Planned Parenthood, “millions of women per year sought out illegal abortions, thousands died. There are two kinds of abortion; one is what we call spontaneous abortion. This type may be more familiar as a miscarriage. When an embryo or fetus stops developing the body expels it. If a woman wants to end her pregnancy then she can have what is called an induced abortion, this can be done


1549 words - 6 pages Over the last thirty years, abortion policies have been the most controversial of all political and legal issues in the United States. Each state has its own laws and regulations concerning abortion. These laws mainly refer to the conditions in which abortion is legal, the requirements for minors who make the decision of having an abortion, and the government's funding for people having an abortion. The United States government has played a more


4197 words - 17 pages Should abortion be allowed in the United States? If so, then under what circumstances? Abortion has been one of the most heatedly debated topics in the U.S. for more than a century. This paper explores the history and international use of abortion, as well as the empirical and moral claims made by both sides of the issue. We will also examine the key positions taken on abortion and look at those affected by it. Based on extensive research


1311 words - 5 pages Abortion is safe, Naral Pro-Choice of America (2006)The author explains that there are safe ways of performing abortions and that the only reason why abortions cause death is because; the people who are performing the abortion are doing the abortion illegally. “1999 study of abortion worldwide found that abortion-related deaths are rare in countries where the procedure is legal, accessible, and performed early in pregnancy by skilled

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1543 words - 6 pages Abortion Today, more than twenty-seven years since the legalization of abortion, over 30 million legal abortions have taken place in the United State. Abortions were widely used as a form of contraception in Poland when the communist party ruled the country. More than100, 000 abortions were carried out each year in Poland. To me, this issue, which is more than a simple question of women controlling their own bodies


688 words - 3 pages Abortion has become very common in the past couple of years. In fact, research has shown that one out of three women in the United States have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old (Abortion ) According to Planned Parenthood, there are currently two kinds of abortions being performed in the United States. One kind of abortion is the in clinic abortion, which is a medical procedure that will end pregnancy in a safe and effective way

Abortion - 1703 words

1703 words - 7 pages systems concerning their nature of actions. In the system of utilitarianism, an action causing the greatest happiness is the morally right action. In the system of Kantian, an opposite system of utilitarianism, the only ethical action is the one done completely because of responsibility. Even though supporters of abortion, the termination of pregnancy, may have the best purposes, the practice of using contraceptive devices cannot be ethically


2702 words - 11 pages Abortion Perhaps one of the most controversial issues debated between lawmakers and legislatures is abortion. Disputes concerning abortion began during the 1820s. By 1965, with a few exceptions, abortion had been made illegal in all states. Abortions were only permitted when the fetus was deformed, or if birth of the baby would harm the mother’s life. All of this changed however in 1973 during the landmark Supreme Court Case

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864 words - 3 pages The issue of abortion is one that has been plaguing people around the world for some time now and only will continue to do so. There are three popular stances: pro-abortion, anti-abortion and moderate abortion. Although there are many supporters of each opinion, it is clear that pro-abortion is clearly morally acceptable and desirable in our society today. Anti-abortion boosters claim that it is wrong to kill a human being, indicating that their


587 words - 2 pages ABORTION Abortion is the removal of the product of conception before the embryo or fetus is viable. "Any interruption of human pregnancy subsequent to the 28th week is known as abortion"(The Columbia Encyclopedia, Edition 5, 1993 p157). There are many types of abortion procedures, some can be done as late as the sixth month of pregnancy. Here are seven of the most common types, "Morning after pill, RU486(mifepristone), Uterine or vacuum

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962 words - 4 pages What is an abortion? Abortion is the removal of a non –fully developed fetus, inside of the womb. Abortion is a high controversial issue that is being debated in the United States, as robin toner said in the New York Times “ the debate of abortion has been pushing back over the years. I am not for or against it but I do believe that a woman should be able to make her own choice c considering her circumstances. Statistics show that 4 in 10

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1521 words - 7 pages In this paper, I will be defining act utilitarianism and rule utilitarianism, use both standpoints from a rule utilitarian and an act utilitarian to decipher their responses to abortion, and investigate both claims to come to a conclusion if or if not utilitarianism is adequate enough argument to address abortion. First the definition of utilitarianism is, “An act is morally right if and only if it does more to improve overall happiness than

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739 words - 3 pages Abortion The right to have an abortion is a woman’s right not to have a conceived child. According to Compton’s Encyclopedia, an abortion is the loss of a fetus before it is able to live outside the womb (1). Induced abortion is regarded as a moral issue in some cultures, but to others it is seen as an acceptable way to end an unplanned pregnancy. In the Supreme Court case of Roe vs. Wade (1973) women of the United States “have been granted