Abortion: A Double Standard Essay

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One of the most controversial issues in America today is abortion. Abortion is the killing of innocent human beings. The numbers of abortion is going up dramatically. Each year doctors are killing babies who could become heroes and leaders one day. Many families are waiting to adopt. It is simply unfair and inhumane to take the life of an innocent baby that is unable to defend itself. During abortion, babies in the womb can feel every pain that an adult would feel going through a same process. Abortion is completely, ethically, and morally wrong because it creates a double standard regarding human life, also there are many families wanting to adopt, and our future leaders and heroes could possibly be killed.
Abortion has created a double standard. If a woman is in a car accident and the baby dies, the driver can possibly be charged with manslaughter. In a partial birth abortion, “scissors are jammed inside the back of the child’s neck by a physician” (Folger 86). The doctor does not get charged with anything. One of these incidents is actually murder with intentions, and the other is without any intentions. The non-intentional person gets the punishment, while the abortionist have the job of murdering children still in the mother’s womb and the abortionist does not have any charges. The one who has killed the baby inside the womb by the car accident gets several charges, such as man slaughter, money fees, and so on. The abortionist on a daily basis murders several unborn children with no consequences. Abortion is wrong in every single way, and there is not one reason why it should be okay.
The most inhumane and destructive abortions are the partial birth or late term abortions. The partial birth process is when the abortionist pulls the baby out of the womb with a tool. “The doctor inserts a ‘curette’— which is a spoon- shaped instrument— into the cervical and the ‘products of conception’ are gently scraped from the uterine wall” (Folger 29). He then places the scissors in the unborn child’s neck and kills the baby instantly. The earliest an abortionist performs this procedure on a fetus is six weeks. At six weeks the fetus has developed the eyes, eyelids, nose, mouth, and tongue (http://frc.org/arguments). The fetus does feel the procedure before it dies just as much as an adult would if going through the same process. The mothers of the fetus feel much pain also. Abortions have killed several women along with the fetus being aborted, “lied about the number of women who die from illegal abortions” (Folger 152). The fetus has no voice to try and stop the process, even to defend himself. Unborn children are innocent and helpless when it comes to this happening. The babies are...

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