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Abortion: A Social And Moral Issue

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Abortion is one of the most controversial topics of this generation. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of a pregnancy. Ever since the court case of Roe v. Wade battle lines have been drawn between pro-choice, advocates who support the right to an abortion, and pro-life, advocates who will do anything to stop abortion. Pro-life and pro-choice advocates beliefs on abortion differs morally, lawfully and ethically.
Teen pregnancy is also a common issue in America that is a leading factor to abortion, according to National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, “Eight in ten teen pregnancies were unintended and 81% involved unmarried teens. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost one-third of unintended pregnancies end in abortion.” Teens are a leading cause to abortion because they do not have enough money to financially support their selves along with a child, some are not responsible enough to have a kid and live that lifestyle and some are just scared. Teen pregnancies not only end up negatively for the teen but also the child whether it’s them being raised in a bad environment or their life being aborted. This comes down to women’s rights and what they are allowed to do with their body with out the government having a say in it. This is where the government has to decide whether telling them they can’t have an abortion is invading a woman’s right to privacy or if it is protecting the life of a child.
Pro-life and pro-choice supporters opinions on abortion differs morally because there are some people that believe that life starts at conception so even though you have not physically seen or held the baby it is still alive. There are three trimesters of pregnancy, in the first trimester the baby’s heart, spinal cord and brain begin to form and is now an embryo, in the second trimester all organs have began to form and the heart begins to beat, the nerves and muscles begin to work together, making a fetus and in the third trimester the baby is fully formed. In constitutional laws murder is illegal which brings in to question at what stage of aborting the baby would it become murder. Recently a doctor named Kermit Gosnell was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder when he provided late term abortions to women. Gosnell injected a drug in the utero to stop the heart causing the mothers to deliver stillbirths, which caused antiabortionist to wonder why a procedure done to a living baby outside the womb is murder, but destroying a fetus of similar development before delivery can be legal.
Pro-choice and pro-life supporters opinions differ lawfully and that has been proved in many court cases. There have been many Supreme Court cases and laws made over abortion specifically starting with Roe v. Wade. In the early 1970’s nearly fifteen states had passed liberal abortion laws but in the 1973 court case of Roe v. Wade, Jane Roe, an unmarried...

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