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Abortion: A Social Injustice Essay

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“After the first blush of sin comes it's indifference; and from immoral it becomes, as it were, unmoral, and not quite unnecessary to that life which we have made.” (Thoreau, paragraph 14, line 20). Abortion is an injustice. It is the rationalized “removal” of a human life from existence, and it is wrong. Arguably reminiscent of the dreaded extermination camps of the second world war, deciding the death of millions has become a matter of routine for the world today. Abortion has ceased to be considered as wrong by many, and the majority would argue that it is instead quite necessary for their lifestyle. Several scenarios which argue their point include teen pregnancy, rape, and finding ...view middle of the document...

If a girl is not prepared, or does not wish to care for a child, she should abstain from having sexual relations until she is married.
In the cases of unwanted pregnancy due to molestation and rape it is not the girl's fault. Should she be made to suffer the consequences of another person's wrongdoing? She is a victim and has suffered a great emotional and physical trauma, it is not fair for her to be forced into the ordeal of pregnancy and then childbirth as well. And yet, “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.” (King, paragraph 4, line 4). Just as the girl or woman, ideally, should not have to pay for another person's sin, nor should the child! It is not his or her fault either. Should the baby's life be sacrificed to pay the price because it cannot cry out against the injustice as loudly as it's mother? Consider this also, post-abortive women suffer grief, and emotional trauma that is not consummated by the joy of holding a child at the end of it. Therefore, to chose abortion as an escape from the passing pains of childbirth, in order to heap less hurt on the heart and mind of the abused mother only backfires. A woman who is experiencing the upheaval of being a victim should not cause herself guilt and more grief by becoming the transgressor.
With relatively new technology, doctors are able to detect many things about a baby while it is still in the womb, including conditions resulting in mentally retarded infant. Ideally, this should be a rather pointless endeavor, with the only real benefit being to allow time for the parents of the child to learn more about the child's condition and prepare themselves to care for him or her. As it is, this privilege of peeking into the world of the pre-born is abused to the point where parents and doctors use it to decide if the coming child is worthy to live. They argue that it would be better not to have lived, than to have lived only in a way different from how they themselves live. They are saying, as it were, that it is better to die, than to live incapacitated. Worse, they proclaim the death...

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