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Abortion: An Imminent Crisis Essay

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Abortion, it’s a word that causes much controversy in this day and age. Deanne Durrett explains on page 44 of her book The Abortion Conflict that there has been dissension between Americans on the matter of abortion for over one hundred fifty years. Also, according to, over 1.2 million abortions happen each year in America only. Imagine what kind of effect that has on our world, the killing of unborn children. Some would say that that’s controversial and leave it at that; others could not comment at all. There are also those who completely support the reasoning that an unborn fetus is indeed a child, as well as those who are ...view middle of the document...

Finally, in the first chapter of Genesis, verse 27, it is explicated that God created both male and female in his own image. People were created in the image of God himself. Abortion defiles the body in such ways that is in complete rejection of God’s will for mankind.
“Abortion is the death of a person, a living human being, distinct from any other individual on this planet. This fact may be inconvenient for those who would like to see abortion as a question of women’s rights or a matter of individual conscience, but it is nonetheless undeniable,” (Currie, 24). This quote completely summarizes the fact that abortion is immoral, the second fact of this paper. Abortion was illegal until 1973 when pro-choice activists succeeded in making it legal (Durrett, 44). Those who are pro-life believe that humans exist from the moment of conception, fetus’s should have the same rights as any other person, abortion defies scripture and devalues life, and that no one should get an abortion due to the fact that people are willing to adopt. However, pro-choicers choose to diminish the unborn children by not considering them as such using terms such as “product of conception” or “contents of the uterus.” Even though a male and female “made” the child, they do not own it (Almond). Auriana Ojeda states in her book Should Abortion Rights Be Restricted?, “Only fifteen percent of Americans believe that abortion should generally be available after the first three months.” Furthermore, Stephen Curie explains, “Murder is the intentional killing of an innocent person, and abortion clearly fits all parts of that definition,” and that no matter what an individual’s beliefs are, it is the killing of a living, individual person. In Biblical times, men killed their sons and daughters as sacrifices to a false god and were doing evil things; therefore, the Lord was furious and cast them from his sight, as explained in 2 Kings 17:17-18. The Bible also says in Exodus 20:13, “You shall not murder.” It is clear, due to the explanations given in the previous sentences of this paragraph, that abortion in murder and is...

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