Abortion, A Rising Epidemic. Essay

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Close your eyes, close them tightly, and imagine that someone, who doesn’t know anything about you, makes an abrupt and arbitrary decision to end your life , because it is convenient for them. Now imagine that, happened to your children or husband, how much different would your life be? That is what 3,288 potential human’s are facing every day. Abortion - unless the pregnancy is in direct danger to the mother's health- is cruel and should be illegal! It is indirect murder,and it affects more than just you. While some argue that it is the mother's body and she has a right to do, or not do whatever she wants with it.

Abortion is indirect murder. Most women learn they are pregnant roughly about two to three months after getting pregnant, that they are pregnant . While there is no evidence that there are no signs of life until ten weeks, in the pregnancy. So figure a women learned that she is pregnant nine weeks after getting pregnant, the scheduled an abortion the next day and the pregnancy is terminated before ten weeks. However as I have stated previously, three thousand two hundred and twenty-two abortions are performed everyday. Lets call the children who never got a chance to live “Would-be-babies”. Non average half of every pregnancy ends in miscarriage. So now the count of “Would be Babies” has dropped from, 3,288 to 1644. I will be fair, one in every 160 pregnancy end in a stillbirth, divide 1644 by 160 you get ten. So in that “would be babies” statistically 1,634 babies are murdered out of that 3,288. Who knows what that 1,634 could have done? Could they have cured cancer? Could they have been the best president with one hundred percent approval rating and get America back to where it is meant to be. We will never know. They would never have a chance to even try.

Furthermore killing that innocent “Would be Baby” doesn't affect just you. it affects both parties’; parent’s, grandparent’s, brothers, sisters and possibly their “Would be Siblings”. Who said you had to raise the child? In some cases I believe adoption is a better option, for instance if the “Would be Baby” parents are unmarried parents; or in poverty, or loath children, then it would be a better option. one of ten women cannot have children, lets not get into men unable to have children. so figure you are in the one percent. How much pain would it cause you that other women won't even consider giving their child to you selflessly? That they won't even consider other people and just throw the “Would Be Baby” and just throw it’s chance at life and your chance for a life with a child. Also, said child, could have been raised by the grandparents. Imagine this. What if The father's mother had cancer, and her dying wish was...

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