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Abortion And Government Essay

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The mere whisper of the word abortion has the power to set off social and political arguments of tremendous proportions. The infinite passages this argument can lead us to, are only equaled to the amount of answers we can conclude. Through all the smoke and mirrors only a few arguments are truly viable, the morality and legality of abortion relative to the rights of women. Somewhere amidst the abortion debates of the last quarter century, the real issue has been forgotten. The focus has become too religious for a country that has separated church and state; therefore we will not argue the rights and wrongs of abortion. No answers can be derived until we focus on what the law and our citizens ...view middle of the document...

It states in the King James Bible, book of Revelations, that one of the pending signs of the apocalypse would be the senseless slaughter of millions of children by the swords of their mothers. As unbelievable as it may have sounded two thousand years ago, it is taking place in our society this very day. Abortion, is one the most controversial issues facing the people of today, the passion this topic invokes in its believers is obviously driven by more than a simple right or wrong."To some it is nothing less than the senseless slaughter of million upon millions of the most innocent and vulnerable of all victims, and thus stands as the most monstrous moral outrage in human history. To other it tests our society's commitment to fundamental principles of individual liberty, personal autonomy, and women's welfare. (Judges 4)History is laced with seemingly trifling events, those accidents, those changes of wind, the weather, a birth, a death, a sudden idea that leads, alters, and changes the course of history in bewildering fashion. As we mature as a society into this twentieth century, we can ponder the Supreme Court's landmark decision in Roe vs. Wade. As we search for the underlying factors involved, we have a viable case in wondering whether reasonable dialogue about this incendiary issue will ever be possible. The two sides of the debate appear to turn a deaf ear toward the opposing ideals and beliefs, however inflect their speech ever louder to a government that has appeared to be content with leaving things status quo.Implementation of any type of change in our abortion laws is difficult, the battle hardened cases such as Poe vs. Ullman, Griswold vs. Connecticut, United States vs. Vuich, Doe vs. Bolton, and of course the widely known and publicized, Roe vs. Wade, have stood the test of time. A constant barrage of legal and moral proceedings, are constantly searching for the quintessential "hole in the armor", once found a plethora of issues would surely find their ways to the steps of the courts. Much like the welfare state created by the New Deal, which has been in the process of reform for a number of years, our abortion state quite possibly could be due for an overhaul. Where do we begin this arduous task? Similar to a 1000 piece puzzle, the outer edges are all intact but there is an exceeding number of blue sky pieces, these are the most difficult to find their respective places, the abortion issue is no different. If I am to be the vanguard of this monumental task of reform, what will I change? What will I keep? What have we learned?As the past has shown, abortion, and the laws surrounding it for future generations will be quite different. Government will have to take a pro-active approach on the pendulum that swings from pro-life to pro-choice. In my opinion, which has been concluded from being an active participant in the actual abortion process, is that pro-choice is the side government must not only lean to, but place its entire weight...

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