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Abortion And Miscarriages In Canadian Teens

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Rough Draft - Abortion and Miscarriages

The act of abortion is ending a pregnancy, meaning you kill the unborn fetus inside the womb. Since abortion is terminating the fetus, so the pregnancy does not result in childbirth, many call it, termination of pregnancy. There are two legal and safe ways to abort a fetus. The first medical abortion is by taking pills or medicine to miscarry the fetus. The second way is to surgically remove the fetus from the uterus. Most abortions are only a one-appointment job, so many clients do not have to stay in a hospital overnight.

The legalization of abortion began in Canada in the year 1969. The Criminal Law Amendment Act introduced by Pierre Trudeau’s Liberals stated that abortion was legal as long as the doctors thought it was necessary for the well-being of the mother and child. Then in 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the existing laws were unconstitutional and struck down the 1969 law. As time went on, many political parties attempted to create new abortion laws however failed. Since then, Canada has not recorded abortion as a criminal clause and abortion is only done between the mother and the doctor. Thus to be said, 765 651 abortions have taken place in Canada in the year of 2010.

The medical abortion is a pill. There are two different types of pills that depend on the duration of the pregnancy. The first is for fetus’s under 9 weeks, and the other is for fetus’s between 9 and 24 weeks. The first pill being taken causes the fetus to “miscarry” and come out in the form of a heavy and painful period. To take this pill, you must go to a clinic for two visits (Twice in one day, or on separate days). The second pill being taken causes the womb to contract and push out the fetus. Essentially, giving birth prematurely. As with the first pill, two clinic visits are required. The main reason women choose to use abortion pills is because no surgery or anesthetic is required to abort the fetus.

The surgical abortion is more complex and quick whereas the medical abortion is simple and can happen during a duration of time. There are two main types of surgical abortions: vacuum aspiration and dilatation and evacuation. Vacuum aspiration can happen while the mother is awake or asleep, however if the fetus is past 12 weeks, the mother must be asleep. Vacuum aspiration involves removing the fetus with a gentle suction, during one clinic visit and going home straight after. Vacuum aspiration uses local or general anesthetic depending on the preference of the mother. The next type of surgical abortion is dilatation and evacuation (D&E). D&E only is effective between 15 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. D&E is when the doctor uses forceps passed through the neck of the womb. D&E requires a general anaesthetic for the client, and for pregnancies 20 weeks and over must require an overnight stay. Ultimately, every method of abortion is secure and constitutional.

Many teens choose abortion for a variety of...

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