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Abortion Another Day Another Dead Baby

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Abortion is not the solution to your problems. Murder is not acceptable“[in] regard to innocent human existence” (Judie, Evangelisto). Only “God should decide who lives or dies, and that applies to the ‘preborn’ as well as the born” (Judie, Evangelisto). Ever since the 1973 Supreme Court case of Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion, it has been an extremely debated issue. Still, legalizing something doesn’t necessarily make it morally appropriate. This is the circumstance with abortion; therefore, it should be illegal since it is unethical, violates human rights, and is a form of genocide.
First and foremost, the practice of abortion is unethical by any standard. Abortion violates all I stand ...view middle of the document...

Basics of Biology, a scientific text book states five characteristics of creation. It states that living things are highly precocious. All living things have an ability to acquire energy and material. All living things have the ability to respond to their environment. All living things have the ability to reproduce. All living things have the ability to adapt. “According to this elementary definition, life begins at fertilization” (Association of Pro-Life Physician).
In essence abortion is labeled a form of genocide. Throughout history there have been different forms of genocide. When Germany was trying to invade neighboring countries, they collected many Judaist groups and sent them to death camps to be murdered or worked until they fell ill, and died. “Genocide is viewed worst of the worst” (Hunt, Meredith, and Eugene). Genocide is committed when a whole part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, are killed out (Hunt, Meredith, and Eugene). Many nations have many forms of genocide, and others may be broader or narrower than other nations determining on religion and ethnic groups. According to the French definition to genocide stating that “[G]enocide begins with the recognition of targeted groups of ‘national, ethnic, racial and religious’ but adds, ‘or of a group determined by any other arbitrary criterion’” ( Hunt, Meredith, and Eugene). Which labels abortion a form of genocide by, “the group of human beings intended for destruction “in whole or in part” is determined by size, age, degree of dependency, location, level of function and a vague, and an imposed condition of inconvenience ” ( Hunt, Meredith, and Eugene).
Although there are people in the world on the side of pro-choice, and rights for women. They believe that they should have the rights to their own life and the rights to their bodies. So many people believe that abortion is necessary in some situations or just a muddle conclusion in others. Many believe that since abortions laws make abortion illegal. Many young teen age women have abortions in “back ally abortion clinics”. This is where unprofessional procedures are practiced, to have the fetuses aborted in a non-safe environment. Many people consist to make abortion legal so that this bestial act does occur, on annual 70,000 woman die due to “back ally abortion...

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