Abortion: Birth Control For Whores Essay

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Abortion is one of the most controversial and highly debatable issues in the United States today. This hot topic has put both the supporting and opposing sides in an uproar to defend their positions. In abortion, a fetus is deliberately terminated from the woman’s womb. Though there are several different methods of abortion, they all aim to rid of the potential child. When carefully reading descriptions of the techniques to abort a fetus, one does not shrug it off their shoulders and write it off as morally acceptable. Every method is horrific no matter what perspective you take on the matter of abortion. Whether it is the “suction-aspiration” method or the “dilation and extract” method, one still realizes the gruesomeness of the process. How can anyone who values human beings overlook words and phrases like “cut the fetus into scraps to extricate it from the womb” or “the brain is sucked out with a vacuum”? While some people argue that abortion is a right and should remain legal, I believe that there are too many flaws with their claims to protect abortion for it to be preserved.
Pro-life groups, or those who promote the legal protection of unborn children, support their views by laying a foundation that explicitly highlights the deliberate killing of a life. Abortion desensitizes society to a quiet form of violence, often calling the pro-choice movement a silent holocaust. These fetuses cannot speak for themselves, cannot shout for help when being surgically removed from the world as they know it. Women who have abortions tend to develop issues ranging from those that deal with emotional, psychological, physical, and mental damage. Abortion poses countless health risks that can potentially tamper with a woman’s ability to be fertile again in the future. This medical assault on a woman’s body is invasive and damaging to the inner soft tissues and lining of the vaginal walls and uterus. Additionally, legal rights are completely eliminated from the child. Not only is the right to life being violated, but legalized abortion could give rise to more genetic testing. This, though to some may seem irrelevant, is in fact pertinent to the issue at hand. This form of genetic testing could turn unborn children into science experiments. It could give incentive to scientists and physicians to advocate for abortion in order to benefit from the remains of the fetuses to advance in science and technology. Abortion furthermore promotes more sexual promiscuity among teens and young adults. It provides a way out, a way to avoid the consequences of unprotected sex and bad decisions. They can simply go to an abortion clinic and get rid of what they think is the problem in their lives. The American society needs to hold individuals accountable for their actions instead of letting people escape from their problems. In terms of funding abortions, Americans that are opposed to abortion should not have their tax dollars support something they find immoral. Another...

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