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Abortion Disregards The Rights Of The Unborn Fetus

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Abortion Disregards the Rights of the Unborn Fetus

Abortion is one of the most controversial issue people are faced with. People stand strong for both sides. Will it be possible to ever reach a solution? Is it necessary to take away a women’s right to choose. At what stage of the fetus’s life can it be considered a person.
[A husband and wife are married for some years have a stable income and have been trying to get pregnant, and finally after talking about a baby they decide they are ready to have one, and when the couple finds out she’s pregnant they rejoice and begin telling family and getting the room ready. Then finally after the nine-month wait and many doctors’ visits the baby has arrived and goes home to a happy mother and father. However that situation is the most ideal but most pregnancies aren’t as wonderful as that happy couples. Studies show that 60% of all pregnancies are unplanned (Joffe, 29). We aren’t saying that all those pregnancies will be aborted many will carry out the pregnancy and have a healthy and wonderful child but there are some cases were abortion is the only option, and women should be able to make that decision. Anti-abortionists cast women into two category’s victims who are coerced by others around them and deviants who have little difficulty with the abortion decision which is made casual for convince sake (Joyce, 7). However many studies show that the “typical abortion patient is a mentally stable women who makes the decision for abortion within a few days after the discovery of the pregnancy and comes through the procedure virtually unscathed (joffe, 8).” If what Joffe is saying is true which is must because her theory is the same that was in several review articles form 1990-92 in highly respected journals such as Science and The American Journal of Psychiatry. How are anti-abortionist saying the exact opposite? Because, anti-abortionist results are flawed due to the lack of small samples, unrepresentative samples, poor data analysis and the invalid or unreliable research questions (Joffe, 7)
At what point is the fetus considered human? To some it is as soon as the child is conceived. To others it is when he is out of the womb breathing on its own, and to the rest it’s when the fetus starts developing. A person’s definition of whether a fetus is a human or not depends upon the individual and their definition determines their view on abortion (Goldberg, 22). If everyone had the same belief that a fetus is a human and abortion should be illegal then there would be no problem. However there are many views and “what neither the pro-choice nor pro-life advocates wish to face is the fact that the abortion question is inherently and eternally unanswerable, though it can be settled by force or its modern equivalent, dramatic vote (22).”
If abortion no longer were a choice would the world be a better place? Many people feel that if their choice was taken away one of their rights as an...

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