Abortion Hurts A Women's Health Essay

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“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born” - - Ronald Reagan Abortion, just saying the word will cause heads to turn, ears to perk, and elevates tension for everyone present. The topic evokes such strong reactions it should be included in the taboo list normally reserved for politics, religion, and money. As emotionally charged as the subject of abortion is, the practice itself is actually relatively new. Less than two centuries ago abortion wasn’t a large issue. This was not because society didn’t have strong opinions on the matter, but because of where we were in the industrial revolution. 150 years ago most of the jobs in America required large amounts of manual labor compared to today. Families had to be large in order to operate the family farm. Families also had many children because many did not live past the age of ten. Life expectancy of adults was also much shorter than todays. As technology advanced along with medicine, the role women had to play changed. As people moved to cities and jobs required much more education, the role and necessity of children changed. Instead of being an income source (helping on the farm or working in early factories) children became more of a financial responsibility. Families also didn’t need to have children out of necessity. Couples have children today because they want someone to love or to carry on their family name. In time as women began having fewer children and life expectancy doubled, the amount of time spent as a full time mom has decreased significantly.(Friedman, 2009) The advance in medicine, after the decision of Roe vs. Wade, allowed for women to have a choice once they became pregnant whether or not they would become a mother. This was and is new territory for a society. The arguments for and against abortion are typically centered on two polarized views. On one side there are people whom due to religious convictions view the terminating of a pregnancy the same as killing a two year old. On the other side there are people who are morally progressive, who see abortion as an evolution in women’s rights and view it as nothing more than stopping a small bunch of cells from continuing in their development. There is a lot of “grey” area between these opposite views but they are the ones that get the majority of face time. Countless debates have been fought with neither side moving from their position. Abortion is a political nightmare and an issue that most politicians will avoid whether it is an election year or not. Although abortion has become such a political issue, if the United States was really concerned with the wellbeing of it’s women, clinics that offer abortion services would be required to share and acknowledge the potentially disastrous health effects for women whom have an abortion.
When studying the health effects of abortion on women, there is limited history on the...

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