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Abortion: I Am Pro Choice Essay

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Since the early 1970’s abortion has been an important issue to the United States (Tietze 1). The problem begins with whether it is the woman’s choice to keep or terminate her pregnancy or the government’s choice. When this problem happens, a woman loses her right as a person. Most women argue about this issue, but if you look at it, it is the woman’s body, and she should do with it as she pleases. I believe that if a woman, under the right circumstances, should be able to make her own choices in life and not be influenced by family or the government.

Some women have accepted the definition that a woman’s prime role as wife and mother is to have control of one’s own body and mind (Reardon 3) .Once they had choices about life roles, they felt that they had the right to choose abortion or not. Any and every woman should have the ability to choose when to have a child in their lives. Many women feel that if they did not have the right to choose an abortion, they would have passed by many opportunities to create a better life for themselves. Some people might not agree with their decisions, but in the ends it is theirs.

Many people believe abortion is a moral issue, but it’s also a constitutional issue (Messerli 1). The right of the woman to speak about this issue is hers, and is guaranteed by the ninth amendment, which is the right to privacy. The ninth amendment states, "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." (Boland 7) This amendment guarantees the right to women, so if they choose to have an abortion, up to the end of their first trimester it is theirs. Regardless of morals, a woman has the right to privacy and a choice to abort her unborn child.

It is nearly impossible to find someone who doesn't have an opinion about abortion. Those who are in favor of or against abortion, make good arguments to defend their beliefs and views on this topic (Torres 165). I believe every person has a right to his or her own opinions, beliefs, thoughts, and rights. As a young woman myself, I believe women have rights just as well as men, and denying women their rights is denying them rights as a citizen and is also discriminating against them.

Abortion is defined as, "the termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or fetus that is incapable of survival" (Wear 6). Much like every aspect of a person’s life, statements are neither right nor wrong, but simply left open for interpretation. Those who are against abortion say that it is the murder of a helpless baby who has not yet had the chance to live and function as a human person, but others believe that unless the baby takes a breath on its own it is not considered a living person. Mostly everybody believes that it is a woman's right to choose what happens to her body, and if she decides that she is not capable of bringing a baby into the world, than she shouldn't...

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