Abortion In America Today Essay

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Reed Burton



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Abortion Laws in America Today

Americans citizens today think that they can do whatever they want. An abortion is defined as a woman deciding, after having consulted with her physician and perhaps her spiritual counselor, determining that this is the least-worst option available. Abortions are usually ways for younger romances, or sometimes women who have nowhere else to go end up turning. Abortion is the killing of a human being. From the moment of conception, that is a person! There are many aspects that the government can make exceptions to as well. Reducing the abortion rate, religious or ethnical aspects, laws, court rulings, and constitutional amendments. Whether the government should limit access to abortion, or veto the woman's decision, that is a choice the American government will have to make.

The question is not when does life begin, but when does a person begin? Human life in a Christian point of view starts at the moment of conception. This would mean getting an abortion would be killing your unborn child. Women seek abortions for several reasons. Some women get them because of their age; they might be too young to raise a child. Many are poor and feel that the baby would starve. Some are not married and feel insecure. In some horrible conditions, women may be victims of rape and of course would want to get an abortion. The thing about abortions, though, is that pregnancy can be so easily prevented. Couples that have safe sex will not have to worry about abortions. There are many ways for men and women to have safe sex and prevent having a child until they are ready. However, there are few ways an abortion can be performed. There is the vacuum method, there is the pill, and there is the chemical method.

There are plenty of ways for us to reduce the abortion rate. Contraceptives and emergency contraceptives No one has an abortion for fun. If birth control is available to everybody for free, that could drastically alter the number of unwanted pregnancies. Access to the birth control also has to be easy for anybody who is sexually active. It must be easily financially and there must be availability. Every man and woman in this country needs to know what are the various forms of birth control and how to take them all. One of the primary reasons given for abortions is the cost associated with having a baby. A pregnant woman has to have a guarantee of at least 3 months off from work at full pay. And after that, affordable, full day care has to be available to her. The Father must be involved too, and child support from the father has to be mandatory. It takes two people to support a child financially today. If you are against abortion, the republican party is pro-life. The democratic party is pro-choice.

There are all different types of religions that each has their own different views on abortion. Most Christian denominations have thought the teachings...

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