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Abortion In The First Trimester: An Opinion Paper About Abortion

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You are a single parent with one 2-year-old boy. You are 19 years old. You dropped out of high school to have a wonderful life with your high school sweetheart. You had some "harmless" sex and thought life was going to be great with your 2nd child...until he found someone else and he "dumped" you. Now you have one kid and another one on the way. What do you do?Over one million women have an abortion each year for reasons like this one. In my opinion it is okay for a woman to have an abortion if she wants it, but only in the first trimester. I am pro-choice; abortion is only one of the choices. I believe that women should be able to get an abortion for reasons of poor timing in her life, if she is in poor health, if there is economic deficiencies, or if they decide they don't want to have children at that point in their life. Also, I believe that since the woman is pregnant with the fetus it is her choice if she wants to have an abortion or not.Since 1973, in the Supreme Court Case Roe vs. Wade, women in the United States have had the legal right to an abortion. Before 1973 women had to travel to places like Cuba where they would perform these operations. Even after abortion was legalized the House and Senate passed an amendment to the law stating that federally aided public and private hospitals could refuse to perform an abortion for religious purposes. Back then they could turn down a woman who had AIDS or was addicted to some drug and did not care. Also, as previously stated, women get abortions for many reasons. They might choose to get one if they were a victim of rape or incest, if they have health or economic issues, if they have too many kids already or just don't want to have kids at that point in their life. Also, did you know that most fundamentalist religious groups are pro-life, but 1"They talk about the right to life, but these are the same people who jump up and down for electrocuting people or capital punishment. Once the baby is born, they couldn't care less. These are the same people who are against aide to health care, or helping mothers who don't have husbands get proper childcare. They couldn't care less what happens after the fetus is out." The mother may be sick and they still want the mother to have the child.2"At the other end of the spectrum are pro-life supporters who believe the fetus is a human being from the time of conception. As such, the...

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