Abortion Is Inhumane And Murder Essay

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The act of getting an abortion, the killing of a living being, should be illegal throughout the world unless it would save the life of the mother. No matter what the government decides there will always be people arguing both sides. The killing of a human being is illegal. An embryo is made up of cells just as we are. A human being is defined as “any individual of the genus Homo, especially a member of the species Homo sapiens.”( Dictionary.com) The embryo has the genes that we do that make us a human.
When a woman agrees to sexual intercourse they know the risk of getting pregnant is there if they do no use protection. In the cases when there is no agreement and a woman is raped there are alternate solutions to abortion. There are many couples out there who want children but cannot conceive one of their own that would love to adopt these children. If a consenting woman does not wish to get pregnant she must only have the male use a condom, birth control pills, or barrier methods. In the case of rape, morning after pills can be taken up to 72 hours after conception to prevent pregnancy (Messerli). There are many ways to prevent getting pregnant out there. The women who choose to go through with an abortion are later having many psychological problems raging from severe depression to rage. In some cases these emotions from having taken the life of their child stick with them for many years to come forcing them to be on medication changing the way they act and feel daily.
Hysterectomy, where the abdominal wall is opened into the uterus and the baby is surgically lifted out is though to be the most “humane” way of abortion. The fetuses are very much alive and because of the development of the nervous system they can feel pain. Their only life in is taken away when the umbilical cord is cut, cutting off their supply of blood and nutrients for surviving. Abortions can also be done by suction, which is a bloodier and longer method than those from the abdomen. The baby is sucked out through a tube that is “29 stronger then a household vacuum” (LifeSiteNews). The hose can become blocked with pieces of the baby causing the tube to possibly hit the wall of the uterus and could potentially damage the mother. At the end of the procedure, a nurse have to put the baby back together to make sure it was all completely removed. The last method of abortion is salt poisoning though an injection. The solution is injected by an abortionist into the amniotic sac, the fluid surrounding the baby. The baby then ingests the solution through breathing killing the baby. Salt being a corrosive element works down the skin of the baby causing it to wear away and turn raw. These methods that are used to abort the babies are not only horrific, but the mothers can be left damaged by the procedures.
The act of getting an abortion cannot just be rinsed off; these post-abortion dangers can haunt the woman in a variety of ways. The mental health of the women who get an abortion...

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