Abortion Is Not Immoral. Essay

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The debate rages on - is abortion justified? And under what circumstances? It is a matter of which takes priority over the other; the right to live or the right to choose. The emotional stance to take would be that life is precious and must be preserved at all costs and any attempts to impinge on this right is immoral. However, upon closer inspection of the real issue at hand, it may become clear to any rational individual that, under most circumstances, abortion is relatively moral. There are, of course, no clear cut yes or no answers to whether abortion is moral but considering the medical and social factors, the other problems associated with casual sex as well as the baseless arguments put forth by the pro-life lobbyists, abortion cannot be considered immoral.There are perfectly justified medical reasons for abortion. A sizeable fraction of all children born in a population will be afflicted with some form of birth defect or another. This certainly does not mean that the child should be aborted due to minor defects. However, it does not really make sense to bring children with severe mental retardation or disorders into an unforgiving world. Some children may be born with terminal and incurable disease. Rather than allowing the child to die slowly and painfully, killing the foetus before it can start feeling pain makes more sense. Major complications during the birth procedure, which could lead to the death of both mother and child, can also be avoided via abortion.Though there is little debate associated with medical reasons for abortion, social reasons lie in a grayer area. Indeed, it is often difficult for women to justify an abortion outside of medical grounds. However, it is unfair for women to be forced to continue pregnancies brought about by rape or incest. Even if the child is not born with birth defects, he or she will obviously lack a father figure and the love of a mother. In most cases, he or she will be nothing more than a constant reminder to the mother of the heinous crime committed against her years ago. In poorer societies where there is a paucity of welfare for orphans and needy, alienation from normal society is inevitable. Most abandoned children are unlikely to overcome the staggering odds, hence the high mortality rate in such societies. Surely, therefore, intense suffering on the part of both the mother and the child can be substantially reduced by abortion.The crux of the issue is actually human rights. The right to live has been universally accorded to all humans regardless of nationality, race or ideology. In spite of the medical and social justifications, many feel that deliberately murdering a human being for whatever reason cannot be justified. This is probably the grayest area of all, can the foetus be considered human? If so, why or if not, why not? Extensive research on the part of both doctors and scientists has helped to alleviate this conundrum somewhat. It has been accepted by doctors and scientists...

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