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Abortion Is Unethical Essay

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Over 46 million abortions are performed worldwide each year. Today, 11,000 frozen human embryos are stored in Australia alone. Human embryos are being killed in experiments and tossed out into the trash like moldy food in your refrigerator. Euthanasia has become legal and practiced in many countries, as well as the death penalty where there have even been cases of innocent people put to death. Taking birth control pills is becoming as common as popping in some Tylenol for a headache and handing out condoms in school is like handing out candy. One out of every ten U.S. teenaged girls becomes pregnant every year and fourteen thousand of those girls are under the age of fourteen (National Research Council, Risking the Future: Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy and Childbearing, p. 507). Divorce, aggression, abuse and unhappiness are on the rise. We are turning our society into a culture of death, where human life is being disregarded and disrespected. The superior natural right that each human being possesses, the right to life, is so often being violated. How do we keep ourselves from falling totally down the slope of death and destruction? How far will we go before we speak out to put an end to it? Will we go as far as human cloning as a normal practice, because the path we are heading on now is definitely leaning in that direction? This is an intricate and complicated problem that we find ourselves in, but I think, as for every problem, we need to seek its roots in order to fix it. I believe that one of the roots of this culture of death is the common use and acceptance of artificial contraception. I would not only like to argue its immorality from a religious standpoint but also from a purely ethical view as well, and I believe each case on its own is enough to prove the immorality of using artificial contraception.


Often times we hear various teachings of the Catholic Church on controversial issues such as premarital sex, abortion, and contraceptives, but fail to get a good explanation of why such views are taught. In today’s culture many non-Catholics and Catholics alike are misinformed about the reasoning for the Catholic Church’s teaching that artificial contraceptives are wrong and instead, view the use of contraceptives as a liberty of personal conscience. The first step to understanding the Catholic Church’s viewpoint is to understand what artificial contraceptives are. Once we understand what they are, how they function, and the effects artificial contraceptives have on the body, we can start to discuss the biblical, moral, and ethical issues that set the framework for the Catholic Church’s teachings as well as the alternative means of birth control through the practice of Natural Family Planning (NFP).

According to Webster’s Dictionary, “Contraceptives are any device or substance that inhibits conception.” The common artificial contraceptives on...

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