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A scared fourteen year old girl, a confused college sophomore, a disturbed mother of four. What do all these women have in common? One problem, they are all pregnant and are considering abortion. It would be the greatest of many burdens for them to have the child. Women in this country as well as all over the world should have the right to choose whether to have an abortion or not to and what to do with their bodies and their lives. Thirty years ago, the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade took effect. It guarantees women the right to choose how to go about their reproductive choices; this was one of the biggest steps in women's liberation. And although we have the choice right now, nobody knows how much longer this will last. "Our federal government is controlled by anti choice politicians who want to turn back the clock, and the Supreme Court is closely divided with only a razor thin five to four majority in support of women's right to choose". (Www. Naral.org)Our conservative government opposes abortion. The government is slowly trying to enforce anti abortion laws and restrict many possible abortion choices. This will reverse women's liberation the women's movement, something we fought so hard for. In United States there are so many choices given to people, why not leave this one alone? It would be devastating if our country turned to third world country standards with such restrictions on women. What will be next, will we have to wear a veil over our face as well? Our president should focus on what is important like healthcare, drug abuse, poverty and deceases then cause more of those problems by restricting abortion. People agree and disagree with this issue but we have come this far, will this government take us back in time? There are many women who just do not want to have kids. They get pregnant by accident and they may or not be involved in a relationship and just make the choice of not having kids. Many women do not have any money to support a child and are barely supporting themselves. Some women get pregnant but are not married and are afraid of being judged by parents, friends and society, they need to have an abortion and they do not want to consider any other choices. Some say these reasons are selfish but who do we live for if not ourselves? Many women are professionals who want to focus on their careers and start their lives before having kids. "Rich and poor alike women who have abortions are eager to work, for all the reasons women work, to better their families economically and to fulfill themselves", (Lunneborg, 20) Some women aren't in the best health to have kids and if they get pregnant they want to abort it because they do not want to put themselves and the child in danger. Then there are those who already have too many kids and simply can't afford any more."For many women the circumstances surrounding an unintended pregnancy make deciding whether to have an abortion a difficult task. For these women, the decision...

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1462 words - 6 pages , Jonathan, et al. "Becoming A Father/Refusing Fatherhood: An Empirical Bioethics Approach To Paternal Responsibilities And Rights." Clinical Ethics 3.2 (2008): 75-84. Academic Search Complete. Web. 17 Mar. 2014. Manninen, Bertha Alvarez. "Rethinking Roe V. Wade: Defending The Abortion Right In The Face Of Contemporary Opposition." American Journal Of Bioethics 10.12 (2010): 33-46. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 Mar. 2014. Manninen, Bertha Alvarez

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