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Abortion: Murder After 20 Weeks Essay

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Flip a coin, heads a human lives, tails a human dies. Although some people may view the image of flipping a coin as a provocative metaphor for abortion, it does justifiably describe the fate fetus’s face from unwanted pregnancies. A fifty percent chance to be born, a fifty percent chance of death by abortion. Although abortion was legalized in the United States during the year 1973, through the U.S. Supreme Court Case of Rose vs. Wade, there is still much controversy surrounding the topic today. In order to for one to understand and develop a rational opinion on abortion, one must study the history, laws, and multitude of opinion on abortion.
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Before twenty weeks, one of the most common justifications for an abortion is when a woman becomes impregnated with an unwanted child as a result of rape. One percent of 1.21 million abortions every year in the United States occur due to a woman being raped or sexual assaulted . A majority of the time, five percent of teenagers are victims of rape . Since teenagers are young, generally still live with their parents they are not yet independent. Just taking care of themselves and balancing school with their social lives is very difficult. Thus, they cannot properly raise or support a child of their own. In addition to teenagers not being mentally ready to take care of a child, in some rape cases, the victims do not know the rapist well; therefore, the woman are unaware of the majority of the rapists medical history. Without this very important knowledge, the mother is ignorant of diseases the child is susceptible to; furthermore, this could endanger the welfare of the child in the future. In addition to the unknown, possible futuristic medical conditions the child can have, rape can cause physical and emotional complications to the child’s mother. If not properly treated, the victim could develop serious depression and emotional instability . These emotional disturbances of the mother directly affect the child. During pregnancy, the fetus can feel the depressed victim's emotions. This causes the fetus pain and the fetus can actually become depressed. In the case of rape, abortion may be the best option for the mother, not only mentally, but also physically and medically.
Another justifiable instance for a woman to have an abortion before the twentieth week are medical risks. In some cases, if women go through a full term pregnancy their own life could be at serious risk. Pregnant women suffering from medical complications such as, ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, severe diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, have an extremely high chance of death if they choose to proceed with a full term pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg become trapped in the mother’s fallopian tubes and unfortunately the eggs are unable to move into the uterus. This pregnancy is extremely uncomfortable for women and causes them to experience nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness or weakness, fainting, etc. One in every fifty pregnancies, the fertilized egg remains in the fallopian tube leading to a deathly ectopic pregnancy. Another complication is placenta previa, a pregnancy issue in which the placenta covers the opening to the cervix. Placenta previa occurs in one in every two hundred pregnancies. Most of these pregnancies require a C- Section because a vaginal delivery will lead to death of the mother and the baby. Mothers with placenta previa will also have to undergo several expensive and time-consuming treatments, if they proceed with a full term pregnancy. Both ectopic pregnancy and placenta previa are conditions that many...

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