Abortion Must Be An Option For Parents Of Disabled Children

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Certain reasons and factors should allow women carrying children with physical and mental disabilities the choice of abortion with them knowing that they cannot fully provide for their children emotionally, financially and even physically. This report discusses these reasons and their implications; justifies the need for the action that is considered “murder” in most societies and sheds light on the hard truth for those few who have been dealt with the unfortunate situation of having children with special needs. It is discussed here that women should be given the choice of abortion due to the financial cost of bringing up the child, the effect the disability will bring into the child’s life and also the impact of the child’s disability on the family. What is explained here will further answer the question, “what if my child had never been born?”

1.0 Introduction
What is abortion? According to Medicine.net (2010), Abortion is generally defined as the premature exit of the products of conception from the body and the loss of pregnancy. A disorder, on the other hand, is defined as a derangement or abnormality of function; a morbid physical or mental state.
In all aspects, a child brought into this world should be treated with care and love. All children should feel wanted by their parents. However, the number of cases of which unwanted children being given up at orphanages is saddening. Even more shocking is the revelation that some of these unfortunate children bear disabilities that would impair the quality of their lives. The prospects of adoption for these children seem to be slim. Hence, the burning question remains : should women conceiving children with known physical and mental disabilities be given the choice of abortion?
In other words, this topic ponders the question; are mothers who realize that they cannot provide for their children emotionally, financially and physically better off not having the child, knowing that the child is handicapped and will need more attention and care as compared to normal children for the rest of his or her life.
In the United Kingdom, Section 1(1)d of the 1967 Abortion Act allows termination of a pregnancy at any time if there is a significant risk of there being a disability. However, there are some arguments made by the Pro-Life supporters equating abortion to euthanasia in a prenatal form. ( BBC News , 2008 ). Although their argument is wholly based on humanitarian reasons, they should look at the bigger picture, see the full future impacts of the disability that the child was born with on the child as well as the family. They should ask themselves “what if this happens to me?”
It is the opinion of many that mothers carrying children with known physical and mental disorders who realize that they cannot provide proper care for the child should be given the choice of abortion due to the financial cost of raising the child, the impact of the disorder on the...

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