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Abortion: Person Versus Human Essay

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Abortion has long been a controversial debate affecting most societies, religion, and especially women. Anti-abortionists and pro-abortionists both propose many arguments against and for abortion. However, the most prominent argument comes from anti-abortionists who believe that “a fetus is a human being, and therefore abortion is murder.” However I agree with both Mary Anne Warren and Judith Jarvis Thompson in that women should have the choice of whether they wish to keep the baby or not. Although the traditional anti-abortion argument is strong, the arguments that both Thompson and Warren provide in their texts have convinced me that abortion is not murder.
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The rights of an actual person are more important and should come first than the rights of a potential person if they should ever conflict. Fetuses may resemble a person but they are not a person and are therefore are not entitled to the same rights as an actual person. A woman has the right to protect her health, happiness, freedom, and even her life. If she chooses to get an abortion it is within her moral and constitutional right to do so. Only when an infant is born does the woman’s right to determine the infant’s fate end.
In addition, there are other arguments pro-abortionists use that point out the terrible side effects of restrictive abortion laws. They argue that to deny a woman the right to obtain an abortion leads many women to get illegal abortions, which results in death for some of these women because of malpractice. Consequently, it is poor woman who suffer the most from these restrictive laws because abortions are expensive and many cannot afford them. Pro-abortionist also state that to deny a woman access to abortion deprives women of their right to control their own body.
Interestingly the one thing that anti-abortionists and pro-abortionists agree on is that if a woman becomes pregnant from rape or incest then abortion is acceptable. In this situation a woman is in no way responsible if she becomes pregnant and therefore she can abort the fetus. Anti-abortionists still consider the fetus a human being, but because the woman had no control over the outcome they consider abortion a more permissible option than in the normal case of an unwanted pregnancy. Judith Thompson proposed a...

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