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Abortion Pill

The subject of abortion has created some of the most controversial, social, and moral debates in United States history. On Jan. 22, 1973, in the case Roe Vs. Wade, the Supreme Court ruled that it was a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion during the first trimester of the pregnancy (The Ruling). Still other interest groups argue that human life begins at conception and having an abortion is murder to an unborn child. These opposing viewpoints create a delicate political and social debate in which the lives of unborn children are placed in the center. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the RU 486 “abortion pill”, citing that the “overall safety of the pill is excellent”(Food and Drug). This scientific development has the potential to make abortions much more accessible and private to American women. I believe that the abortion pill harbors great qualities for women who choose abortion, yet is an enormous medical setback because it will cost the lives of so many more unborn children.
For patients who undergo an abortion the psychological issues are some of the hardest to deal with. Suicide rates for women who have an abortion are more than 5 times that of women who have the baby (Abortion-Statistics). While traditionally abortions are very difficult on women, RU 486 makes it much easier for women to choose abortion. Instead of having to travel long distances to an urban clinic, the abortion process can be much more private, an agreement between a woman and her physician (Robinson). With the abortion pill women have the luxury of spending up to twice as much time in the counsel of their doctors than with surgical abortions (Robinson). Furthermore, The abortion pill can only be taken in the first seven weeks of pregnancy and is generally completed a few days later, compared to a surgical abortion which is usually done further into the pregnancy (Robinson). The abortion pill makes psychological recovery much easier because the less time the child is in the womb the less a mother becomes attached to the child.
In the United States today, 25% of all pregnancies end in abortion (Abortion: All Sides)....

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