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Abortion Right Or Wrong? Essay

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A tiny infant emerging from her mother's womb, a piece of her, something she has dreamed about for a large part of her life. Childbirth can be a gratifying experience for willing parents, but what about the unwilling parents? What about the female who has found herself with an unwanted pregnancy? She has very limited options; she can be a mother, put the child up for adoption or have an abortion. Yet, in this day and age abortion remains a controversial issue, and in some places, it is illegal. In 1991, our courts found that legally speaking, 'a fetus is without rights'. But the topic continues to arise, and protesters calling themselves 'Pro- lifers' harass clinics and hospitals. As Canada prides itself on becomming more and more politically correct there is a very real possibility that abortions could become illegal again. But what repercussions will come from it?If abortions were made illegal it could cause more child abuse and family violence, a setback inwomen's rights and freedoms, and an increase in the death rate are just a few possibilities. That is why thechoice for women to have an abortion in a clean and safe environment should remain legal. The forcing of child rearing would cause an increase in child abuse and family violence. Mothers have a natural maternal instinct and desire to produce offspring and nurture it. If you take away that desire, a baby could be raised in a very negative and damaging environment. Although it is true that a parent could grow to love the unwanted child, but it is more likely that she would resent it for 'ruining her life'. This resentment could lead to a number of different types of abuse, which include neglect, battering, and emotional damage. Or the unwanted child could simply be deprived of the tenderness and affection it needs. Either way, these children would be emotionally disturbed, possibly turning them into rebellious individuals. Looking at the negative effects being unwanted can have on the psychological development of a child, abortion does appear to be a highly responsible choice, not only to avoid damage to the child, but also to the woman. Without the option of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, women would resort to dramatic measures.Before the laws were revised, illegal abortions in Canada were alot more common. Women found themselves getting backroom abortions which were unsanitary and done byunskilled, incompetent people. They used air from bicycle pumps, coat hangers or knitting needles, they paid strangers a lot of money to do the procedure on their kitchen table or in a back alley. Many women decided to take matters into their own hands and over dosed on drugs, threw themselves down stairs or deliberately overworked...

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