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Abortion: Choice Or Life. Asks The Question Of Whether Abortion Should Be A Choice Or If Life Outweighs The Choice For A Woman To Have An Abortion.

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There are no screams as the subjects flesh is slowly eaten away by acid that has been placed on its body. A sigh of relief comes as the subject is removed from the place it has called home for months and its young body thrown into a dumpster to never be seen again. One and a half million women have abortions each year in the United States furthering the question of the morals of this higly controversial issue. (Emmens 8) Everyone needs to examine the facts and ask themselves if an abortion is killing of a human life or merely equivalent to a contraceptive.While abortion is a very hot topic today, it is not a new topic of argument. Abortions have been performed since ancient times with the same cloud of controversy surrounding it that still exists in our society. Women in ancient times would often try their own methods of abortion such as inserting pastes made of mashed ants and gunpowder into their wombs; pouring boiling water on their bellies; beating their bellies with stones; climbing trees; and over excersising their bodies. (Emmens 96)Abortions nowdays are much safer, 352 times more safe than having your appendix removed, but there are still complications that cannot be completely prevented when there is such a large percentage of pregnancies ending in abortions. (Emmens 10) Complications are usually not severe, but there are cases when things such as the mothers ability to have children in the future are compromised by the abortion. (Emmens 11) Risks of an abortion depend on the age of the mother, the number of child births or abortions she has had, and the length of the pregnancy. (Emmens 11) The most common effects after an abortion are infections, cramps, lacerations, bleeding, and injury to the cervix or uterus. (Emmens 11)In most cases the risks don't generally play a large role in a woman's decision to have or not to have an abortion since they have been minimized by medical advances. The heavy weight...

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