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Abortion Must Be Legal Essay

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Throughout history there have been major decisions that have to be made. Those decisions define the society that makes them. Today in Americans history we have two or three decisions that could change how people look back at us. Abortion is one of the major topics talked about by everyone; from politicians to teenagers, everyone has their own opinions, but not many people can back up there argument with facts or statistics. They can’t say for example what the cost of living in a major city is for a single parent with two kids is. Or that the most women give up a child not because it is unwanted but because that they can’t afford it or they think that there child wouldn’t have a life worth living. Abortion must stay legalized. It’s not a question of morality or what the bible says to do. It’s not possible to determine someone’s morality; everyone has different versions of what is right and wrong. If abortion becomes illegal then the Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Ninth Amendment, and Fourteenth Amendment are being violated, because the right to privacy would be demolished.
There are many people who say that the ricks or abortion should keep abortion from being legal. It’s true that there are ricks in having an abortion but there are not many. One risk is that the women is liable to get an infection. There is such a thing as an incomplete abortion and if this does happen during an abortion the doctor must go back in and surgically remove the fetus. Even though there are ricks in an abortion there are also restrictions put up in certain places to insure that it will be painless for the mother and the fetus. According to the “Mayo Clinic” they will not provide an abortion if you have a surgical scar that could rupture or if you are too far along in the pregnancy. In this fashion there is no real danger in the act of abortion. The mother if she follows the guide lines can have a safe risk free appointment.
There are also two different forms of abortion that the women having the abortion can choice from. There is a series of pills that you can take to cause an abortion. During this form of abortion you are able to stop taking the medicine hence stopping the abortion, but this is not recommended because the child can have major defects. The other form of abortion is one where you have surgery to remove the fetus. If a women choices to have an abortion she has several different kinds of options, it’s not as if it is force on her. There is a period of time where she can choice to keep the baby even though most of the time she want to give up the baby for good reasons such as the cost of comfortable living.
In a major city such as New York or San Francisco, where the majority of abortions are performed (Abort73), the cost of a single parent living with two children is $80,703 a year. You would need more than twice of the federal poverty line to keep rent. Many women who are single and want an abortion live incredibly below the poverty level. (KQED)...

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