Abortion Should Not Be Legal Essay

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“A person is a person, no matter how small.” -- Dr. Seuss This speech, given by Gianna Jessen -- an abortion survivor -- is, in my opinion, the most spectacular pro-life speech ever given. The highlights of this particular speech includes the way she arrested attention from her audience, her flawless extemporaneous delivery, and the unforgettable message she dramatically brings to life. Her speech takes place before a sea of politicians in Queen's Hall in Melbourn, Autralia on September 8, 2008. Gianna Jessen gracefully arrises from her seat and carries a slight limp as she walks up to the podium. With one hand tightly gripping the podium for support she looks around at all the faces curiously peering up at her. None of them had anticipated what they were about to hear.
In a child-like voice, she began her speech with, "I was adopted and my mother was seventeen and so was my biological father. She was 7 1/2 months pregnant when she decided to go to Planned Parenthood." Grabbing her audience's attention, she then explains the details of the abortion. How her mother was counseled to have an abortion by saline injection. Upon hearing her discription of the proceedure and the circumstances in which she was born, there was heard a rustling and murmuring among the crowd. Gianna, unphased by the disruption, continued to say, "What is fantastic about this -- about the perfect timing of my arrival -- was that the abortionist was not on duty yet. ...[H]e wasn't even given the opportunity to continue on with his plan for my life -- which was death."
Gianna acknowleged her surroundings by pointing out that Queen's Hall was a beautiful building as well as expressing her love for both Australia and her own country. She then remarked that the present age (no matter where we live) is hostile toward the name of Jesus Christ. What Gianna was doing as she stood up saying that name was not at all politically correct, as she put it. "Saying the name of Jesus Christ ...makes people feel terribly uncomfortable," she paused and grinned as she looked over the audience, "but I didn't survive so I could make people comfortable. I survived so I could stir things up a bit." and in all seriousness said, "And I have a great time doing it." This last remark drew laughter from her audience as did her next comment.
"The abortionist had to sign my birth certificate," she paused a moment as the crowd chuckled at the irony, then finished, "...I know who he is." Gianna pointed out that on her medical records it literally says: born during saline abortion. She said that in her research on the man who performed her mother's abortion, she found that his clinics grossed $70,000,000 per year. In my research I found that, according to Planned Parenthood’s own apologist, Media Matters, its “total revenue from abortion services was approximately $164,154,000,” a year....

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