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“More than 95 per cent of all abortions are performed purely for convenience… 20 per cent are for genetic reason, and the other 75 per cent are purely elective” (Deem 2). Many people hear debates about abortion and ignore it, thinking that it definitely doesn’t apply to them. Well, it does. Thousands of babies are being killed every day, and people need to take action. If we continue to allow this monstrosity to happen, imagine what could come up in the future. Before we continue, let me define some vital terms (proceed to view powerpoint or note-board; define “Viability” “Roe v. Wade” “D&X”). Since so many babies are being killed needlessly, I strongly believe that the court ruling in Roe v. Wade should be limited and enforced with fines, so that it only protects necessary abortions for women in danger.
Every year, almost 150,000 women in the US alone have abortions past the first trimester, meaning that every year, abortion does not just remove so-called “non-viable” tissues, but murders 150,000 viable babies. This also happens almost everywhere around the world, most prominently in places like China and India where having a son is not just a desire but a need. This problem runs so deep in the arguments of our country and others, that unethical medical procedures, such as D&X, are being ignored. This problem runs so deep that the issue lies in mere definitions- what is the definition of “viable”? When is a baby technically “viable”? What is D&X? Where does it say that D&X is unlawful? And if it is, why aren’t people stopping it from happening? And so on.
Our founding fathers intended for America to be a country of freedom, a country of the people’s choice. Many proponents of pro-choice promulgate that women should be given the freedom to choose, and by doing so, seem to align themselves with American ideals of freedom. But they are wrong, and they confuse the masses. This is one reason why many have decided to shun pro-life advocates. Another reason, as I have mentioned earlier, is that no one is willing to compromise on vague definitions of terms used in abortion acts. For example, the Medical Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines viability as “The quality or state of being viable: the ability to live, grow, and develop” (Merriam-Webster 1). So, a question many people have asked and have been unable to answer with certainty is ‘when does a fetus become viable?’ The U.S. is the only major country who has no standard definition of viability- we really can’t compromise. One particular study shows that viability can be seen in 15% of all babies at 23 weeks, 50% at 24 weeks, and 79% at 25 weeks (Deem 2). These stats come from a book published in 2007. Modern technological advancements have made viability possible even earlier than 23 weeks for all babies, the widely accepted threshold of viability (Operation 3). Even so, proponents of the pro-choice campaign argue that no such definition has been widely accepted, and claim that other...

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