Abortion Should Remain A Legal Option

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“In the landmark case Roe v. Wade (1973) the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that women had the legal right to abortion” (Introduction to the Abortion Controversy). Since that day proponents both for and against abortion have been locked in bitter struggle. Many people find the government funding of abortion morally objectionable as they feel abortions is wrong while others propose that it is a form of women’s reproductive health. During the time of this constant struggle and debate over abortion, advances in contraceptives have been made. National healthcare is a major issue in congress with abortion being “the bitter pill” to have to swallow. The abortion issue has stalled the passing of a much needed healthcare reform bill, and there appears to be no consensus in the near future. With sex education, the morning after pill, and soon the male form of “the pill”. Proper education and distribution of products can make contraceptives easier to obtain, and are more cost effective. Contraceptives of today make abortion an unnecessary procedure for women’s reproductive health, and have also made conception of a child in the majority of cases, outside of rape and incest, a choice.
For years now abortion has been a political balancing act for most politicians. Lobbyist for both sides of the abortion argument has fought diligently for each side of the argument. But the argument for contraceptives can lead the way to a better alternative. William Saletan writes for the Seattle Times about science and technology, for the online magazine, Slate. Saletan wrote in his article "Birth Control Results in Fewer Abortions." The same rhetoric has been rehashed repeatedly for 20 years with no discernible victors. And when 20 more years have passed with nothing accomplished, the same arguments will still be repeated; maybe indefinitely. To end the constant bickering we must move away from the Roe argument (Saletan). Our government has been embroiled in this battle since the beginning, but there is a way out. As stated in the article, we must “move past Roe” in order to progress (Saletan). Jessica Arons is a legal policy associate for the Women's Health Project and the Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative at the Center for American Progress, Shira Saperstein is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and deputy director of the Moriah Fund; they jointly write in "We Should Strive to Reduce the Number of Abortions", Easily stated are the two options available at present, one is to limit abortion and the other is to limit the need for abortion. Limiting the need for abortion is the best way to accomplish the goal (Arons). One can agree with this simple fact that to render abortion “less necessary”, by use of contraceptives, would be the best option (Arons). This would also eliminate the need for government funded healthcare to provide for abortions.
Abortion has been a moral issue that about half of the population opposes. But the issue of birth control does...

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Abortion Should Remain Legal Essay

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