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Positive . How often do people hear that word? "Your blood type is a positive. "Are you positive?" "Your pregnancy test is positive." Thousands of women hear the word "positive" every year and, for some, the moment is unwanted. Abortion often seems like the only way out of a positive pregnancy test, partially because abortion is not completely understood. This is because many pro-choice advocates use "sugar coated" words to explain abortion. This fact was made known to the public in 2004 when, while considering a law banning partial-birth abortions, Judge Richard C. Casey had the following conversation (exerted from World magazine) with an anonymous abortion-industry witness.

"Do you use simple English words so that they know what they're doing and authorizing?" When the witness answered yes, he probed further. "Do you discuss killing the fetus?" "I tell them that when I cut the umbilical cord of the fetus, the fetus exsanguinates." "Exsanguinwhat?" the judge replied. "In layman's terms, it would be drained of blood." "Do you tell them that?" "No."

Many people regard abortion as the only way out of an unplanned pregnancy and that is where they are misled. While women retain the legal right to decide on abortion, they're under the influence of an allusion that abortion is the only option and a safe and has little or no side effects. The Planned Parenthood website, often visited by women considering abortion, says that abortion is one of the safest medical procedures performed today. According to Planned Parenthood, when abortion is performed properly, abortion has only mild side effects including dizziness, strong cramps, vomiting, temporary a domino pain, diarrhea, temporary mild fever or paints. Planned Parenthood it also offers privacy concerning a woman's a portion for anyone over eighteen. The following is exerted from the Planned Parenthood website.

Most women look to their husbands, partners, families, health care providers, clergy, or someone else they trust for support as they make their decision about some unintended pregnancy. And many women go to the clinic with their partner. But you don't have to tell anybody. Specially trained educators at women's health clinics can talk with you in private. You may bring someone with you. You will discuss your options -adoption, parenting, and abortion. You may be asked if someone is pressuring you to have an abortion.

Planned Parenthood states that anesthesia may or may not be used to dull any discomfort the woman may experience during her abortion. The following excerpt from Planned Parenthood's website assures women seeking abortions that the fetus is not aware of any discomfort.

We know for sure that the embryo or fetus cannot perceive pain in the nearly 99% of all abortions that occur before the twentieth week of pregnancy. It is even possible that a fetus is unable to perceive pain at any time during pregnancy. If,...

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