Abortion: The Justifications Behind It Essay

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Li ZhengMr. GordenEnglish 49/17/07Abortion: The Justifications behind ItAccording the U.N. Demographic Yearbook of 1988 lists, thousand of teenage girls and women died from "back-alley" abortions around the world because in many countries, abortion is illegal. Back-alley is a slang term for illegal abortion operation. Contrarily, ever since the verdict of Roe V. Wade, abortion is legal in the Untied States. However, abortion did not cease to be controversial and often touchy issue in America. The abortion issue continues to dominate America politic and divide Americans' opinions. Conservative activists want to ban abortion on the ground that it is religiously unmoral, and abortion is murder. Liberal activists on the other hand, support the mothers' rights to choose for themselves. After all, many pregnancies are unplanned. According to the statistic at the National Abortion Federation website, 70 percents of girls age 13 or younger who had sexual experiences, reported that sex was forced upon them. By the age of twenty, 40 percents of these girls were pregnant at least one time (Dudley). In addition, according to "Know the facts,"14000 women have abortions because of rape or incest .Abortion to many girls and women is more than a personal choice, it is a decision that will affect the rest of their lives. The decision to abort a fetus is often difficult to many girls and women, but to many women and girls, there are no alternatives. Some of these individuals are poor, young, and immature, therefore, they can not adequately support a child. While others were rape, abuse, and impregnate by their perpetrators, thus, it isunthinkable to force these women to carry these unwanted pregnancies. The reasons behind abortion vary among women and girls. Because of reasons such as unwanted pregnancy, rape and incest, and poverty, women should have the rights to decide for themselves regarding their pregnancies; for this reason, abortion should stay legal in the United States.The primary reason behind many abortions is unwanted pregnancy. As the result of unprotected sex or forced sex, thousand of teenage girls and women face with the possibilities of being teenage mothers. According to the National Abortion Federation, 35% teenage women who become pregnant decide to have an abortion. Teenage women who decide to continue their pregnancy are more likely to drop out of high school, rely on public assistance, and even develop health problem. Above all, children of teenage mothers are likely to suffer disadvantages in terms of medical, economic and education (Dudley). Because of the unfavorable reality of poverty, many pregnant women and girls chose to abort their fetuses. In China, abortion is not a controversial issue. China has a large poverty ravaged population; therefore, it makes economically sense to abort unwanted pregnancy. I remembered seeing hundred children in China begging for food, because their parents for whatever reason brought these...

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