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Abortion: Unconstitutional State And Federal Laws

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Abortion: Unconstitutional State and Federal Laws
Abortion for many years now has been a very controversial topic politically and culturally. Democrats are considered to be pro-choice for women rights to abortion, while the Republicans are against abortion due to their conservative culture. Women's right to have abortions have been violated by both state and federal government laws. Laws regulating women's right to an abortion is unconstitutional because the laws prohibits women from making their own decision whether or not to have an abortion performed. Women should have the right to an abortion with out any regulations by the state and federal governments because they may not be able to ...view middle of the document...

It was rules that the states could not pass legislation or restriction on abortion, if it was within the first three months of a women pregnancy. During the second three months of the pregnancy the state have the right to pass legislation to restrict women's right to an abortion, but the state has to justify that the laws is to protect the health of women. In the last three months of the pregnancy the state has the right to prohibit an abortion to protect the state of being of the pregnant women or the child's life (Medoff, 577) .
However, everything that was ruled by Supreme Court in the Roe v. Wade case was contradicted, In1992, the Supreme court case “...Planned Parenthood V. Casey that said an abortion regulation was unconstitutional if it had 'the purpose or effect of placing a substantial obstacle in the path of woman seeking an abortion of a nonviable fetus.'” (Levy). This court ruled that the states had the right to restrict a woman's right to an abortion and prohibit public funding for the poor women that can not afford an abortion.
Targeted Regulation Of Abortion Providers laws or TRAP laws passed by the states require that providers pay an annually fee to be licensed and to meet all of the standard regulations in order to provide their services (Medoff, 579). This makes more expansive and harder for women to have access to these services and it makes it harder for providers to give their services.
However, many people make efforts to challenging these laws, but “Deciding to go to the Supreme Court is a serious decision that abortion right advocates do not lightly because a loss would open the the door to anti-abortion legislation throughout the country. Groups...

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