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Abortion Vs. Adoption Essay

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Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Do you believe that terminating pregnancy early is a good choice, or is it better to put up the baby for adoption? Should not every child be giving the opportunity to live and succeed? When is abortion a good thing and why? In America it always seems we are choosing the “easy wrong” vs. the “hard right.” How often do we think of the unborn child's life, and what it would take to give it an opportunity to live? Many successful adults grew up with adopted parents, like former President Bill Clinton and the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. Each year over 1.21 million babies are aborted in the U.S., and these baby die before they get an opportunity to live. Instead of ...view middle of the document...

Many of them can tell you that adoption offers children a chance to succeed or fail in life and it should be their choice. “Perhaps there is no greater miracle than finding a loving home for a child who needs one.” – President Bill Clinton. Not the irresponsible parent that chose to have sexual relations without the proper contraceptives. It is every person’s choice to have sex, and it is his or her responsibility to be an adult about it and have safe protected. It is not the child's fault they did not ask to be conceived they are the victim in the situation. As the victim, they should not pay the price for the mistakes of the parents. The mother is the then one we should also take into consideration there are many risk factors in the abortion process.
One of the risk factors is not being able to have children ever again, can a woman really live knowing she is her own cause for not being able to conceive. How about the fact that there are many abortion clinics that have reported deaths of mothers after abortion or during due to malpractice or infections. When we talk about this topic, we never really think of the medical downsides of this procedure. A woman has the most difficult choice to make when it comes to abortion. It is her body; health and mental stability that takes the longest damage but not all women are the same way some do not care about the...

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