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Abortion: Where Is The Option? Essay

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My mother’s friend has been pregnant with a total of five children. Of those five, only four of them are still here. At the time, her family was having money troubles, and she just received news of her fourth pregnancy. Her friend had to make one of the toughest decisions of her life. It was either keep the baby and her whole family would become homeless or go to a clinic and have an abortion. Abortion should be a safe, legal option for all pregnant women when deciding the future of their unborn baby.
In 2011, Jennie McCormack was arrested for taking a pill called RU-486, “the abortion pill” (Hass). RU-486 is a drug only approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is for women ...view middle of the document...

For pro-life advocates, supporting her arrest would contradict a longstanding policy of targeting providers while holding women blameless (Hass).
If Jennie McCormack would have had a clinic near her that would have provided her with a safe and legal way to perform an abortion, then this ordeal would never have happened back in 2011. Even to this day, Jennie McCormack feels like an outcast in her own town. Her job as a dry cleaner, under a different name, soon had been spoiled after her customers found out it was her, and stopped letting her bag their clothes (Hass).
The pro-life side of abortion is much louder, and more public about their opinions than the pro-choice side. Many times have there been protests outside abortion clinics, sometimes the instances getting out of hand. A man named George Tiller was a physician who knew the consequences of doing late-term abortions. In 1985, his clinic was bombed after being repeatedly vandalized. He had also survived a past shooting and many pro-life activists protested outside of his and his employee’s homes, his work, and his church. At the Reformation Lutheran Church, in Wichita, Tiller was shot and killed back in 2009. He was killed by a man who was against abortion (Marisol). If abortion became legal in all states, people would still have their opinions, but it would eventually be a time where women do not have to hide in shame or be cast aside.
As long as abortion is an issue, women who choose to get an abortion will always be hassled by protesters. In 2014, an interview was conducted on a woman who had undergone a procedure. The interviewee prefers to stay anonymous, so the pronouns “she” and “her” will be used. She informed me that before even walking in the clinic, there was a group of people on the side-walk. They were protesting and shouting. The activists accused her of being a murderer, telling her that there were other options. The woman yelled back, “you don’t know me, you don’t know what’s going on!” as her husband pulled her inside, getting her out of that situation. As she walked inside, she said it was a...

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