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Abortion: Women Must Have Freedom Of Choice!

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A mid-aged happily, married woman with a top-executive position, is a candidate for a partnership, only to discover that she is pregnant. Although, children were part of their strategic plan after education and marriage, the timing could not be worse. Pregnancy at this time will ruin her opportunity for partnership. She faces two dilemmas. First, although she is stable in every area of her life, she wants to become a partner. Secondly, her spouse wants a child and has been patiently waiting this time. Should women select their own paths through life regarding family and career? Or should this be a legislative decision? Women should have their own option of deciding when or whether to have children because freedom is choice!
“Abortion is never an easy decision, but women have been making that choice for thousands of years, for many good reasons. Whenever a society has sought to outlaw abortions, it has only driven them into back alleys, where they became dangerous, expensive and humiliating. Amazingly, this was the case in the United States until 1973, when abortion was legalized nationwide (Chisholm, 2011).”
The word abortion alone stirs up many ill feelings and major controversies amongst people. Abortion may be considered one of the top debates among people religiously, socially, politically, cultural and other ethical matters all over the world. Most of the debates on abortion constitute morality, whether it is right or wrong and whether or not it should be legalized in all medical establishments. Protests to end and/or allow abortion have been from the most subtle to extreme. The world today is pulled in three ways on the subject of abortion. Some agree with it, others disagree and some just don’t care.
An abortion is the removal of a fetus from a human pregnancy. It can occur spontaneously due to complications during pregnancy, or can be intentionally induced. There are two terms to define abortion, therapeutic and elective. A therapeutic abortion occurs when for medical reason a pregnancy is interrupted before the 20th week of gestation because it endangers the mother’s life or health or because the baby presumably would not be normal (Affigne, 2006). An elective abortion is initiated by choice. Access to family planning education and contraceptive services have increased as an effort to reduce the number of abortions performed. Although, some pro-lifers are against family planning programs such as Planned Parenthood because they also perform abortions, pro-lifers would prefer to promote abstinence instead of fornication (Walden, 2009).
There are many reasons why an abortion occurs, however, some causes are validated over others. An abortion could be to save the life of a pregnant woman whose physical and/or mental health is in jeopardy. Genetic abnormalities resulting in a child born with a congenital disorder that would be fatal or cause the child suffering and pain are reasons that another may want to abort her pregnancy. Other...

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