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Why are abortions legal? Do the doctors enjoy killing the babies since they can’t fight back or protect themselves? Do you know what the doctors do to the child when they are giving an abortion? Abortions are wrong and should be illegal around the world or at least in the United States.
Abortions should be illegal; an abortion kills a human being that cannot fight back. How would you like if someone pulled you out of bed and duct taped your mouth shut, then just cut off your head? I don’t think that you would like it very well, but they wouldn’t give you a choice. Other countries are making abortions illegal, unless you were a victim of a rape (Abortions- Why this is wrong. As told by a pathologist, 1999). This is still bad but it’s better then just being able to use an abortion like its birth control. Although abortions are not illegal in the lawful term, they should be because it’s just like cold hearted murder. The baby didn’t have a choice and that’s not right.
What makes a woman want an abortion? A woman might have an abortion done because she doesn’t have the necessities to take care of the baby. If you end up getting pregnant and you can’t take care of the baby then, you could put the baby up for adoption. Not having sexual activities with someone until your married would keep you from getting pregnant. Anything would be better than having an abortion.
Abortions are harmful for the female and for the child. They do cruel and unwanted things to the child. There are six major ways that they do abortions. The first is Ru-486; this is used up until the second month. It is a drug that the female takes after she misses her period. It cuts the oxygen and the food going to the uterus for the baby, basically it starves the child. Then there is Suction-Aspiration, this is where the cervical muscle ring must be paralyzed and stretched open, the abortionist then inserts a hollow plastic tube with a knife-like edge into the uterus. The suction then tears the baby’s body into pieces, the placenta is cut and everything is sucked into a bottle. The third way is, Dilation and Curettage, this type is kind of similar to Suction-Aspiration, and the only things that are different are that the doctors use a looped-shaped knife. The baby and the placenta are cut into pieces and then scrapped into a basin. Usually bleeding occurs really heavy in this type of abortion for a few months. The next type is Dilation and Evacuation, this type is usually done after the third month of the pregnancy. The cervix must be dilated for the abortion; this is usually done with a laminar stick. A pliers-like instrument is then inserted through the cervix into the uterus, the abortionist then seizes a leg, arm or other part of the baby with a twisting motion, tears the limb from the baby’s body, this continues until all is gone except for the head, then the skull is crushed and pulled out. The Fifth type of abortion is Prostaglandin abortion; this is where, Prostaglandin...

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