About Aboriginal And Migrant How They Keep 2 Culture At The Same Time In White Society

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Aboriginal people and migrants always have to face a lot of problems if they want to stay at white society successfully. In the white society, aboriginal people and migrants are very hard to be accepted by white people therefore they must be very strong and strength enough to pass the problems to stay alive.For Aboriginal people, white people took away their land, their identity and even their culture which those things are means everything to them. White people had stolen their children for stopping them to pass on the culture so their culture and beliefs would disappear one day. They lost everything which they done nothing wrong with that. They don't have friends and family. They forced by white people to be fit in white society but beside, white people also brought up a lot of problems and difficulties to them such as racism and discrimination. In the "Maybe Tomorrow", mooi proyer never could get a job just because he is aboriginal. Somehow many aboriginal people became very stress and impress about what they had lost and their future. Some of them gave up their life - suicide, some of them gave up their live - admit the crime, like take drug or theft. Hence, if they want to fit in the new community better, they must be very independent and tough enough to ignore or solve those problems. They need to accept the true that what's being happened between white people and aboriginal people.For migrants, they facing some other problems would different with aboriginal people. In the new society, migrants first problem is language where as they can't communication well with the...

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