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Cheetahs by Narayanan Rajagopal


You are in the grassy land of Africa , then suddenly Zoom! A fast moving object, just passed you . Do you know what it is? It's the fast moving cheetah. This animal lives in different places , than you live in. they live in small range in Africa. They eat many different types of food . This animals body is much different than other wild cats. Hey! Do wonder how they , take care of their young? there are an animal that will make you want to read more. There's more to this animal than meets the eye.


Look at that grassy land, with many animals roaming around. It's the savannah . The savannah is much different from the rest of Africa. The savannah has a hot dry climate . the savannah is getting smaller and smaller, because of the humans. The cheetah used to inhabit from India, to west Africa. But now sadly , now it only lives south of the Sahara desert . the cheetah doesn't, live in the desert, or forest, because their isn't enough area to run around. This animal loves to live in Trent Mounds. Trent Mound is a small hill. They use it to spot its next meal. it also looks for predators , who will eat them. The cheetahs habitat has many things to offer, like food, shady places, and lots of area to run around .the African savannah ,is the perfect place, for a cheetah.


Can you run as fast as a car. No problem ,unless it was going really slow. But the cheetah can! The cheetahs body is aerodynamic ,it means its body can cut through air. It can go at speeds of 80 miles an hour. Even though its fast, it can only keep that speed for a foe minutes . have you ever seen a cheetahs coat, it has spotted dot. Now you may just think the cheetah is the only animal with spots. Your wrong! many animal have spots ,like the jaguar . you can separate them ,by here tear marks . cheetahs have tear marks along its face. Jaguars are much heavier than the cheetah , and the jaguar is slower. most Jaguars live over the age of 10. but the cheetah has a shorter life span. Have you ever blended with your surroundings . well cheetahs are excellent at doing that. Science they live in the savannah ,the tall grasses and golden coat helps it hide. Even though they belong in the cat family ,they are different from other cats, their body isn't as developed as other cats , they are poor climbers. They don't have retreat \able claws. They have small teeth. They only weigh 77-143 pounds. Did you know they don't roar, like other cats, they hiss, and purr. This cat has a small skull . it has a long tail ,

witch helps it keeps its balance, when running. The cheetah is one of the most distinctive cats.


Look a cheetah just ,attacked a wildebeest! Do you wonder what they eat. A cheetah is a carnivore, it eats only meat. Cheetah with many cats, eat hoofed animals. Hoofed animal are animal that have hoofs. in order for the cheetah , to hunt, its prey has to be...

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